Purval forever.

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Surely, there is no sharper controversy from the part of the audience of domestic motorists, rather than the question of the right-handed used cars from Japan. This audience was divided into two irreconcilable camps. Some categorically deny the right steering wheel. Others, which are car owners of such running cars, only «for». Our channel today will tell why this dispute will be eternal.

We were waiting for a message on the website of the Government of the Russian Federation on the instructions of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishoustina following his trip through the Far East, or rather, the visit to the Khabarovsk Territory. And a few days ago, these orders appeared on the government website.

They say that a number of ministries and departments need

That is, in other words, the fight against the import of right-handed used cars from Japan is postponed for another year.

Residents of the Far Eastern Federal District, which imported cars from abroad for personal needs,

In Russia, since January 2017, there is a norm, according to which all cars that are issued in circulation in Russia should be equipped with ERA-GLONASS devices. How does she affect the wallet of a simple car enthusiast? For example, in the capital, the Era-GLONASS installation service costs 2-3 thousand rubles. for machine segment and 4-5 thousand rubles. — For premium cars. Actually, equipment itself — 22-25 thousand rubles, programming and official registration in a single system — 1 thousand rubles. But the Far East is not the capital. Here, the demand for installation is several times higher than the offer. Accordingly, another factor is added to the price factor — queues. And this was already observed a couple of years ago, which caused the legitimate discontent of the Far Eastern.

Therefore, in 2018, the Government of Dmitry Medvedev for residents of the Far Eastern Federal District (DFO) was made an exception. Then she was served as a temporary measure. And it was intended only for the importation of the right-handed used cars in residents of the DFO for personal use.

To introduce a temporary measure, another significant factor was election. We will not delve into the history of this issue, since we are interested in the chronology of the issue.

So, the Government of Dmitry Medvedev in November 2018 decided not to force the situation in the Far East after the elections of Primorye’s governors and adopted an unprecedented decision on the temporary order of importation into the country of right-hand drives for a period of one year. Such a temporary order acted all 2019. And when the term approached completion, again in December 2019 this order was extended the next year.

The main outcome of that first year of the preferential regime was the increase in importation into the territory of the Far East of the right-hand drive cars from the country of the rising sun. More than 130 thousand cars were imported. According to reports of the Far Eastern Customs, 62% of the participants in this importation amounted to individuals. That is, Far Easterns returned to the usual «fishery». But in the «undeclared war,» which was carried out with the right-handed Japanese import, since 2009, I had to retreat.

Recall that 12 years ago, the government was seriously increased customs duties on the import of such cars from the rising sun. Indeed, in the period 2000-2010, such machines were imported to half a million pieces per year. And the expansion of right-handed Japanese women spread not only to the territory of the Far East, but also to such essential regional cars as Western and Eastern Siberia, the Urals and threatened to go to the European part of the country. After various battles, when even the forces of the riot police were transferred to the palace to the Far East, the situation was stabilized, and the restrictive measures for the import of running car gave their own result. The stream of Japanese right-handed used cars has declined sharply: only 114 thousand cars from Japan were imported into the country in the country’s most favorable 2013.

As you can see, the decision on temporary reliefs for residents of DFO led to the result of past years. It turns out that Far Easterns are imported into the country within about 100-150 thousand used right-hand drive Japanese. This is the potential of this temporary order. The main thing, he only feeds the car market of used cars of the Far East and partly Eastern and Western Siberia. And geographically further in the FMEC practically does not apply.

By the way, you can note another moment. Along with gasoline, electric vehicles and hybrids are applied to gasoline. The main model of the electric car is Nissan LEAF. And this in some way spits the process of electromobilization.

Thus, the instruction of the premiere of Mishoustina will pay Far Eastern, who will now not have to worry until December 2022. Well, then the moratorium on the installation of era-GLONASS will either extend, and maybe it will make it constant. Indeed, in December 2022 will remain a little over a year before the new elections, the most important elections in the country.