Quality without compromise

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Welcome to Lesjöfors! » — Such a sign welcomes everyone entering a small Swedish town. On the right, the factory, to the left there are several cozy houses. For the eye of a traveling tourist, traveling in modern Sweden, such a harmony of industry and pristine nature will be in Dikovin. In this natural silence, a modern European Center for Production Springs is located.

With a population of one thousand inhabitants, there are quite a lot for this area, the city of Leishefors is one of the typical cozy Swedish small towns, which is customary to show on postcards. It is located approximately three hours by train by train to the west of Stockholm. Thick forests, huge lakes and wooden houses, stretched here and there, form a kind of landscape. Summer is moderately warm, and winter lasts a few months. This Sweden is familiar to everyone by the works of Astrid Lindgren

The production of «Leishefors Springs» is one of the oldest companies — manufacturers of autocomponents, which has deep industrial traditions. Back in 1675, there was a forge on the banks of the River River, and two hundred years later the production of springs of various forms, modifications and destination were opened. The founders of the company when choosing the name of the brand gave tribute to the beauty of these places and preferred to give the name of the brand in honor of the town itself — Leisjöfors (Lesjöfors).

The founders of Lesjöfors could not and assume that over the next years the company will achieve such success and will grow out of a small production in an international manufacturing company with 24 factories located in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, England, Latvia, China, USA and Korea.

Today, Lesjöfors products are supplied for the automotive and industrial sector around the world, with the official presence of the brand in more than 60 countries. The scientific and technical base of the company, its production competencies make it possible to design and produce different types of springs, from complex spring mechanisms for the «Airbus» doors to microprips for the complex electronics Apple.

Among the clients of Lesjöfors in the automotive sector there are such eminent companies like Volvo and Lamborghini. In some models of these brands, Lesjöfors products are installed as the primary configuration. Nowadays, at the factories and in the company’s scientific centers, there are about one and a half thousand qualified employees, including certified engineers, doctors of science and other specialists, whose efforts, Lesjöfors products occupy a leading position among European springs manufacturers.

The company’s philosophy is to produce a full range and maximum availability of finished products in warehouses for accelerated distribution worldwide. In addition, the company constantly monitors and analyzes the quality of the springs of the primary configuration of various brands, offering products with improved, due to the use of high-quality materials and improved production processes, consumer properties.

The lesjöfors springs are not copies of the original spare parts, which, as you know, under the pressure of the automaker, often seek to reduce it. Lesjöfors are springs designed for a specific model made from better steel on modern equipment using the latest know-how in the metalworking area. They, as a rule, are superior to the quality of original spare parts.