Racing car from KAMAZ master, truck with a completely new cabin

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

KAMAZ continues and amazing, and conquer the public. To each major competition or a sign event, the engineers of the world’s best Russian truck KAMAZ prepare something new. And every time this novelty becomes the center of attention. In general, the dominance of domestic designers over competitors is complete, therefore, on the track, there are practically no rivals that can compete for first place.

Another novelty — an updated racing truck, KAMAZ demonstrated exactly before the start of the Rally Marathon «Silk Road». The event is scheduled for the most coming days.

This time, autocheant experts from Naberezhnye Chelny prepared a truck for competitions, received a unique number 435091. Of course, the manufacturer has a little rushed, calling the car perfect new. For example, under the hood, this model has a well-known row 6-cylinder turbodiesel with a working volume of almost 13 liters! We are talking about the power unit Cummins produced by Dongfeng.

The new KAMAZ-K5 cab is designed in strict accordance with the technical regulations, so no problems with the tolerance of the truck on the following steps of the Dakar race will arise.

One of the reasons for the development of a new cabin is a classic marketing stroke. In principle, our masters are able to defeat competitors and on Kamaz with old cabins, quite comfortable and practical. Nevertheless, the new sports version will only externally have similarities with mass-producing trucks, tractors and dump trucks. The main differences in this part of the design:

reduced height dimensions;

improved optics;

new bumper;

more stylish and modern grille grille.

Standard technical characteristics

The dimensions of the SUV truck remained the same:

Length 6.9 m, height — 3.3 m;

Maximum speed — 165 km / h;

«Dry» mass of the car — 8.6 tons, in a fully equipped state — 10.2 tons.


At the moment, photographs of the cabin are not represented, the information keeps secret. Nevertheless, cars have already headed to Omsk, where the race «Silk Road» will start soon! So the veil of the mystery will fall very soon!

It is interesting: it turns out that Kamaz_Master has another new product — a capotic truck with a cab of Mercedes Benz Zeltoz. Another autumn 2020 was fully prepared serial capotic tractor!