Reader successful hundred from the Union of Car Service

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

The Union of Car Service prepares a large book «The Ready of Successful Car Service 2021». What did you come to this decision?

The mission of the Union includes improving the efficiency of enterprises, the level of professional knowledge of employees and the formation of industry culture.

Therefore, we were born the idea to write a book. In this book, we would like to collect tools to improve the efficiency of a hundred, share the experience of business development, an increase in customer happiness.

To tell how to survive and earn how to develop in difficult conditions. Tell the experience of the participants of the industry in solving the most acute problems facing car services and stores of spare parts.

The book will be 20 chapters, each of which will answer the question — how to increase the return from the service station and how to improve your work. Planned circulation — 1000 copies, share the book We will be at exhibitions and events in which the Union is involved.


We invite everyone to who have something to share with others and demonstrate their experience, join this project. Applications for participation in the book Leave in the form of feedback on our website