Really lack of domestic electronics will bring AvtoVAZ to the collapse


The question is not rhetorical, the situation in the auto parts market has developed quite complicated and extraordinary. Everything goes to the fact that the autocontrace will stop (as long as the short period of time) its production. About the reasons a little later. But problems in supply are obvious, and there is no solution.

However, the news that the last week of August will begin with the stop of the conveyors and the cessation of the release of cars, did not become shocking or unexpected for a narrow circle of specialists. Unfortunately, recently, forced holidays on Togliatti Auto Plant became the norm, and the comments remain sad and hopeless. So now, the press service of domestic auto giant has released a statement, which states that all three lines for the production of passenger cars of the plant will be stopped at least for a week. And the reason is the lack of electronic components of the company Bosch.

It is worth recalling that the first messages about problems with spare parts began to appear in the spring. And the first simple production was recorded in early April. At that moment, the leadership was trying in every way to smooth out the situation and stated a temporary violation of the supply schedule and speedy stabilization. But those who know the people then said that it was coming if not a systemic crisis, then a serious luxury deterioration. As it turned out, at the moment AvtoVAZ is experiencing a critical dependence on imported components. What does this mean? Everything is very simple: the most important assemblies and aggregates can simply not be enough for assembling cars in accordance with the plans that were voiced by the management of the plant. Well, of course, the most difficult situation in the microelectronics segment, the most chips, without which a beautiful modern car — nothing but a pile of scrap metal !!!

The second «disturbing bell» sounded at the beginning of summer. In June, the car giant leaving three times on forced summer holidays. And all for one simple reason — the absence of electronic microcomponents. The situation commented on the head of the Ministry of Industry Denis Manturov. The official said that the AvtoVAZ leadership adjusted its work, the time of forced idle time was used with the benefit for business. And now the planned stops for conducting preventive work will not be in the summer. But it was beautiful only in words.

As for leveling damage for the domestic user, according to the analyst «VTB Capital», it really managed to avoid. But what way, you ask?! Everything is very simple: dealers managed 4 times to rewrite the price tags for cars and the demand was leveled with a proposal.

Already in mid-August, it became apparent: the problem with microelectronics is not solved, the lack of spare parts as it was and remains. Moreover, there was an obvious deterioration in the situation as a whole. All worried, except, of course, the profile department.

For objectivity, it is necessary to say that the deficit of microelectronics and related spare parts is a global problem. Powerful European auto gygids, such as BMW or VW gradually cope with the situation, effectively mitigating the effects of deficiency. And, if even BMW at the beginning of August was forced to stop production for a while, then what to talk about our AvtoVAZ — the enterprise «Local scale», according to the world, of course, the framework.

The fact that the situation will remain difficult for a minimum for a minimum during 2022 a representative of the consulting company Alixpartners M. Kleinfeld reported. But, for example, the Director-General Infineon R. was confident that the problem would not be able to solve so quickly, and the consequences will be felt very long.

If Russia wants to keep his enterprise and continue to produce cars, then you should think as soon as possible over your national chipmeter. This will require to dismiss the priorities of the import substitution program.