Right-order trail in the Russian fleet

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

There is no topic about the right-hand drive Japanese cars, but there is an automotive market in the information field. This question is rather acute, because it turns out the use of a simple managerial prohibition method is not suitable for passenger cars. With buses, trucks and special equipment to fight forbids turned out to be quite easy and simple. But the population, which is not obscured, and in real experience, learned all the positive characteristics and qualities of «Japanese women» met the prohibitions quite disliked and even went to the streets of Far Eastern cities. Our site appealed to this topic.

An undeclared war with right-handed Japanese cars began in 2009. Then the government was seriously increased customs duties on the import of such cars from the country of the rising sun. But in the last frightened 2013, there were about 114 thousand pieces of them, which is quite a few, within the same region. Then, due to the deterioration of the economic situation, imports decreased somewhat.

The paradox of this struggle is that Japanese cars produced for the home market of the islands of the rising sun turned out to be a high-quality product, actually unhappy. Accordingly, to wait, when the products of the Japanese auto industry, once imported in the Russian Federation, physically and morally complains and goes into non-existence, will have enough long. And statistics confirms. For several years now, the share of the right-hand drivers in the park of cars of the Russian Federation is kept at the level of 3.3-3.4 million pieces, or about 8%.

This question cannot be circumvented, since it is a significant factor in the formation of fleets of first of all, two federal districts — Far Eastern and Siberian. In the parks of other federal districts, their share is low.

Total in the Russian fleet on 01/01/2021, Japanese right-hand drives are 8%, or 3,431.3 thousand units. However, their geographical distribution is distinguished by an extreme diversity. The plate contains data. It turns out that only in the Far Eastern Federal District their share above is 68% of the regional fleet. Also high share of the right-hand driven in the Siberian Federal District. This is a company next door. After all, if the first «right-hand» city of the country is Vladivostok, then the second capital of the right-hand car park is Novosibirsk.

Then, as can be seen, the rule is performed: the farther to the west — the less the right steering wheel, both in absolute and relative terms.

In fact, even in the Far Eastern district there is this rule. Thus, in the western region of the Far — Republic of Buryatia, the proportion of such cars does not reach the region of the region (49.6%). But in Primorye, such cars imported from the islands of the Rising Sun accounts for 82.8% of the regional park.

As long as the struggle against the right-handed Japanese machines did not enter the decisive phase. For the region of the Far East, various relaxation are made to not violate social and political peace. At first, the Medvedev government at the end of 2018 announced benefits, and on December 3, 2020, Prime Minister Mishoustin ordered to extend the importation of right-hand drives to the Far Earth Federal District (DFO) without «Era Glonass».

«Temporary order applies to used right-hand drivers purchased for personal needs. Australists registered on the territory of the Far Eastern Federal District (DFO) will be able to take advantage of the Far Eastern Federal District (DFOs), as well as those who plan to move to permanent residence, «the press service of the government is specified.

So the Japanese right-hand drive in the Russian fleet will remain clear for a long time.