Round tables on the modernization and development of educational institutions

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National and international round tables that are organized by the Sensys Engineering team and partners of the International SERVICE Master Junior «Automobile Technician» in 2021 — this is online events that are devoted to the coordination of the roadmap and the development of structural units, in particular, resource centers, state-owned educational institutions.

Service Master Junior «Automotive Technician» — a specialized competition of professional skill among students receiving vocational, special education.

In 2021, the competition is held online using the leading ELECTEDE learning management system, which is intended for the organization of modular training, certification and certification — through full-time and remote group and individual exercises among students of educational institutions engaged in the training of automotive technicians and engineers.

Round tables on the modernization and development of educational institutions

In the period from 12 to 18 May 2021, as part of the program of support and development of transport technologies, the development of national education systems, as well as the EDIn project, national and international round tables were held.

The main issues of the meeting and the accepted strategic decisions.

• The current situation in the vocational guidance work with potential applicants.

• International experience and tools for collecting schoolchildren.

Educational organizations proposed the introduction of tools for conducting career guidance work with schoolchildren and organizing technical circles for schoolchildren. A number of institutions agreed to test the proposed tools during the summer school holidays. The basis of LCMS Electude is laid.

Motivation of students for self-development and stimulting tools:

Educational organizations are invited to supplement the educational process of educational matches in the framework of the «Continental Educational League» project and prepare for the SERVICE Master Junior contest. These educational matches received exceptionally positive feedback from students, teachers and educational institutions. Employers and manufacturers are invited to support projects with their employment employment and assistance in conducting technical sessions together with experts.

Training on manufacturers standards. The interaction of the manufacturer and education into the digital era:

Partner manufacturers Service Master Junior 2021: Bosch, Mechanics, Bilstein Group, Legion-Avtodat, Launch reacted positively to the idea of developing and implementing their electronic software products into educational institutions, as well as joint classes with the possibility of certification of students to form a student portfolio.

We have acquainted you only with a small part of the problem areas of the auto business and the proposed solutions that were considered at the round table. The full record is available on the YouTube channel Sensys Engineering.

About the organizer

The main generation of the International Center Sensys Engineering is the preparation of auto-business professionals. Perennial Study by Sensys Sensys’s problematic issues, cooperation with manufacturers makes it possible to carry out the continuous implementation of the educational institutions of the educational institutions of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine of innovations in the fields of the automotive industry and car service using the ELECTUDE learning system.

Today Sensys Engineering is:

• 4 Representative offices: Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus;

• Support for four national education systems;

Over 400 educational institutions that have received support during the pandemic period;

• one of the leading commercial training centers in the CIS;

• Training to all automotive technologies, including cargo transport and electric vehicles;

• Over 5,500 graduates in the directions of an auto mechanic, auto electrician and autodiagnost.