Russia has grown up to two Korean motors


It is well known that

It is also well known that in the production program of the new enterprise, the atmospheric gasoline engine with a volume of 1.6 liters, with power characteristics 121/123 hp, which is set to manufactured on the St. Petersburg site (Hyunda Motor Manufacturing Rus) Cars Hyundai Solaris / Creta and Kia Rio / Rio X-Line. Also these power units will be equipped with and manufactured at the Kia Seltos / Kia Soul traveler.

All this is provided for in a special konfrace (SPIK), which Korean automaker concluded with the Russian authorities back in 2019.

The production facilities of this enterprise Hönde Via Rus are large enough for the new Russian car industry — 240 thousand motors per year, with a prospect of increasing to 330 thousand.

Recall that today the production facilities of the Volkswagen motor plant constitute only 150 thousand power units. (True, by 2024, they will grow by another 90 thousand engines, due to the beginning of the release of the unit of 1.4 liters of TSI).

Foreign automakers will be seen by the motor plants in Russia not only because of the abstract increase in the degree of localization of the production of vehicles, and in order to be tied to the measures of state support industry. The fact is that according to the Government Decision No. 719 now localization is considered in points, and for the manufactured motors there are accrual. But in this material we will not continue to concern the question of a ball valuation.

The title is written about two engines of the Korean automaker. As you know, in addition to the construction of a motor factory, Koreans bought located right there in St. Petersburg and stand-up since 2015

But there was other information from other sources. The Industry Development Fund (FRT) issues a preferential loan of the Nizhny Novgorod enterprise LLC Rosalit Plant LLC, which plans to launch the production of aluminum parts for engines to Hyundai, Kia, Ford, Citroen and Peugeot cars. Companies have been approved by a loan of 323 million rubles, and the general investment of the project amounted to 408.4 million rubles. This was announced today Kommersant.

But the most interesting thing is that this investment project involves the release of the bottom of the cylinder block for NU 2.0 engine to Hyundai i40 and Tucson models, as well as Kia Cerato, Soul, Sportage.

The production of Korean Motor of the Gamma series with a volume of 1.6 liters will begin at the factory near St. Petersburg in October of the current year, but the Motor of the NU 2.0 series of the Russian assembly will see the light only in July-August 2022.

Recall that today GAMMA 1.6 power units are delivered from China, and Motors NU 2.0 from South Korea.

Connecting to the production of Korean motors of Russian suppliers also increases the localization of these power units. Recall that the production of blocks of cylinders and heads of motors of Motors of the GAMMA 1.6 series will be organized at the Ulyanovsk plant of Nemak. The very one who supplies the blocks of cylinders and the GBC to the Kaluga enterprise Volkswagen.