Russia will fool large foreign dump trucks

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

If you look at the open extraction of minerals, for example, coal, then the main work is performed by career dump trucks. But before starting the development of the field, carry out stripped work. Here it is impossible to use a career dump truck. And for what reasons. Still, heavy loader dump trucks are exporting coal along the arranged roads. When it is carried out overnight work, use

Today at the overwhelming works of cuts, on the export of bulk cargo most often you can meet overseas models of articulated dump trucks

However, while KAMAZ works on the first manner of heavy machinery in its history, the Tonar plant, a well-known manufacturer of semi-trailers and other trucks, designed, and built an experienced sample, already ready for testing.

About this model «Tonara» has the following information. Its cutting mass is 30 tons, carrying capacity of 35 tons on standard tires and 40 tons when using increased size tires. Overall dimensions of the machine: length — 11.5 m; width — 3.2 m; Height — 4.1 m. In the body with a cap, you can download 20 cubic meters of soil or bulk material.

From technology. Two types of engines can be installed in the engine compartment:

Tonar T-35 is designed to reorient Russian mining companies for the purchase of domestic career equipment. Will it be possible to make a new «script» from the Moscow region? And it is necessary, because the car was created with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Development of the Russian Federation, which highlighted the amount of 60 million rubles. The officials of the specialized ministry believe that the new Tonar will be in demand by equipment in the production of earthworks, at coal deposits, in the construction of roads in remote and difficult areas.

By the way, in the countries of the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, such a technique produces Amkodor. This is a hinge-articulated dump truck Amkodor 20232, which carries the name «Mara» in honor of his creator of the designer Marchenko. The volume of cargo transported by the Belarusian car is 14.6 cubic meters. m, and loading capacity is 24 tons of cargo, which is less than domestic developments.