Russia will overtake large buses

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Today, the attention of the federal parliamentarians unexpectedly unfolded to the issue of the development and renewal of the rolling stock of urban passenger transport. It was at this point that the State Duma deputies from the party of United Russia were concentrated at the meeting of the faction with the Prime Minister Mikhail Mishoustin.

«Today, the municipalities are not able to update this transport, public transport depreciation reaches 80%. This is not just dangerous, it creates large problems in the transport of citizens,» said the leader of the EP faction in the Parliament of the Nevers.

Recall today in the framework of the national project «Safe and high-quality roads 2.0» created a federal program of renewal of passenger transport. According to it, applications for regions on federal co-financing of buses, trolley buses and trams in the amount of 60% of their cost are considered.

However, the application must satisfy a number of requirements. In the region (agglomeration), transport planning documents should be developed, the main routes should be specified in which the rolling stock of urban type (buses / trolley buses / large capacity) should be specified. Such routes must be the corresponding passenger traffic.

Last year, the program successfully started.

5.8 billion rubles were allocated for these purposes from the federal budget, and in the current it is planned to allocate 3.5 billion rubles. But these amounts are extremely small, so all applications from the regions are not satisfied. So, in 2020, applications were satisfied only from 14 regions. In the current one, one region is less.

Last year, in 14 agglomerations that have passed the competitive selection was delivered

For the current year, in accordance with the established procedure of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation in 2021, 13 urban agglomerations were selected, where in the current year there are 412 vehicles — 305 buses and 107 trolley buses. These goals in the federal budget provided for 3.5 billion rubles. This is a drop in the sea of the real demand of the city’s city transport.

What are the parliamentarians offer? United Russia offered to increase the amount of this program 10 times, and extend the term of the program of renewal of passenger transport for several years. This will increase as the number of purchases of the rolling stock of passenger transport, and significantly increase the number of cities and agglomerations that can replace the old worn rolling stock on a new one.

Prime Minister Mishoustin All proposals of the faction supported. «All relevant instructions are given. I think that in the framework of the government’s report, we already heard the answers to our suggestions and the definition of a» road map «, according to which we will move,» said Nevers.

For the current year, applications for updating the city transport park were filed from 70 regions. That is, the existing financial potential of the program allows you to meet the needs of only the fifth of the country’s needy regions.

A feature of the program for updating the rolling stock of passenger transport of urban agglomerations is that it is purchased from all Russian manufacturers. Trolleybuses — at Trans-Alpha JSC from Vologda, LLC PC Transport Systems from Engels, as well as the bus markets — Liaz, Nafaz, VolgaBas. This is a serious support of auto industry enterprises. Soon the purchases are connected and trams manufacturers.

From the beginning of 2021 in the Voronezh and Omsk region, as well as in the Krasnoyarsk and Perm region, more than 150 new buses and trolley buses were received. In total, 24 new trolley buses arrived in the capital of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, which came to the new main route number 6.

Perm agglomeration was the first in the country where public transport was received within the framework of the National Project last year, and the first, where he arrived already in 2021: since January, 37 new buses of the NEFAZ brand are operating here (see Foto)