Russian Aurus — cooler than Rolls-Royce?!

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

We can, when we want! Chic armored limousine, originally designed specifically «under Putin» — will soon be available to everyone! Of course, if someone is ready to lay out for him a «round» amount. And at the premium sedan and limousine, Aurus, who leaked in the press of information, will cost almost 70 and 107 million rubles, respectively. For comparison — one presidential limousine equals 210 cars Lada Granta

Security -100%, and even more

Of course, expensive! But I deny my explanations. And this is not the comfort or power of the engine (these parameters, by itself, flawless)! What is sedan, that limousine is most securely protected from external threats. Buy Russian Aurus is necessary to guarantee protection from:

automatic and machine guns of the caliber of 7.62 mm;

bullets from the SVD (sniemersk rifle), including armor-piercing;

undermining 2 grenades F-1 under the bottom of the car (at the same time).

In the cabin at the same time nothing will change.

The driver and passengers can enjoy watching the special services will respond to attack attempts. And it is not necessary to worry about anything!

Well, made sure that you have a real «armored person» Aurus?! And now about even better.

Wealth and luxury

Buyers both cars will be available in a single configuration that received the exclusive name «Individual». The kit includes: a circular review system and high-quality head-up display. In the seats on only the built-in heating system, but also ventilation. Naturally, for expensive passengers in the back row there is a modern multimedia system, an audio premium class. For the convenience of the driver there is a cruise control, the newest digital instrument panel.

Additional amenities ensures wireless charging, as well as silent door closers!

Power and power

Regardless of the type of body, all Aurus, developed in accordance with the project «County», are equipped with an active suspension and full drive system. But the powerful defense (do not believe!) — Combined. In addition to the powerful, 4.4 liter of the internal combustion engine V8, to the total 598 hp, the car disperses the electric motor.

Well, didn’t buy Russian Aurus? Or all the same it is better to take a couple of dozen Lada Vesta, as much Largus, Niv Travel. Yes, half of the money will probably remain ….

And yet, despite the too high cost of Aurus, something suggests that this car will not stand in the salons!