Russians replaced Chinese favorite again

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Our channel has long noticed that the waggie Chinese brands are «old-timers» of the Russian market. Therefore, we started to track the market preferences of domestic motorists about the Chinese

Today, all the automotive editions began to write about the expansion of the Chinese to the Russian automotive market. But our site decided to tell our audience a little about the friend.

After all, the popularity of the automotive brand is concrete models. Explain. Why is the Patriotic Mark Lada? Yes, because its bestsellers in Russia are two models — Granta and Vesta. Let’s mentally do this operation: remove one model from the sales report, or two at once. And what do you get? And we get the situation that the domestic brand in popularity in absolute numbers will roll on the fourth line between Renault and Skoda.

But back to the Chinese. The question is appropriate here, and at the expense of what specific models this dizzying success of Chinese brands from Russian motorists is provided?

At our disposal was the top 10 models of Chinese brands, with which we invite you to familiarize yourself. Even a quick glance is enough to see which model ensures the success of the brand.

Chery brand support CHERY TIGGO 4 compact crossover, which seems from statistical data to overtake all other models and became the leader of the Chinese segment of the Russian car market of the current year.

Tiggo 4 was even able to push out the leader of the past two years

But now what pays attention to itself. The fact is that

But the former leader of the Chinese segment is a larger crossover HAVAL F7, it in the size coordinates almost two steps above — SUV-D. Recently, our channel told about HAVAL plans to become number 1 on the SUV car market in Russia by 2025.

Aa Autostat specialists also noted that


In addition, information is reported that Chery’s management is ready to consider the issue of localization of car output in Russia, including the construction of its factory, which is on the background of care and