Save in the secret Kushaq from Skoda failed


Or did not really want? Perhaps this is explained by the fact that after the tests spent managed to completely take a picture of the car. At that moment, the cheapest crossover was just inspecting the car mechanics. One of the cars was on the lift, which made it possible to take a photo in the «full height»!

Already, this snapshot is considering users in various countries of the world. Thanks to the World Wide Web!

And where is the original, and when will it be represented by a wide circle of motorists and experts? According to one of the employees of the Czech autoconecern, the official presentation of Skoda KushaQ remained a few weeks, and perhaps days.

Immediately say: the car is specifically designed for the specific Indian market. Although it is possible that after a while, this model will become global and disperse around the world. The parameters for which the machine will evaluate are traditional:


an exterer;

bunch of motor / transmission;

Comfort, options, etc.

Interesting news: The manufacturer confidently declares that this car, despite the ultra-compact sizes, will have the most spacious trunk in its class. For the city — the most thing you need!

The «power» component is 1.0 and 1,5-liter gasoline engines working in conjunction with mechanics or automatic transmission. Perhaps for the most expensive models on the car will put a robotic transmission.

SKODA KUSHAQ package options will be several. Available options such as 6 airbags, enlarged multimedia system screen, etc.

Will be seeing what. And very soon. Do not miss!

But the most important question is whether Skoda will decide to localize its production in Russia to increase its model range of crossovers and add to the Skoda Kodiaq and Skoda Karoq already selling the third SUV car, making it competing for Hyundai Creta.