Sell, establish, Donemontirui

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The car boom in the early 1920s forever changed the road traffic. Manuzhny transport gradually disappeared, and the motorized became familiar in large cities. The intensive growth of the world fleet brought not only to chaos on the roads, but also to other consequences.

The very beginning of the twentieth century cars were the attribute of a small number of rich people, mostly those who used the services of personal drivers and mechanics. Subsequent mass production of cars and the fall in prices for them in the 1920s sharply increased the number of motorists: now cars have become accessible to both middle-class representatives. However, most of the new self-taped drivers almost did not have the idea how to care for the car, repair it and change worn spare parts.

Service in the era of automotive boom

In the early 1920s, Robert Bosch, paying attention to the rapid growth of motorization, saw in this business opportunity — to sell and install their own spare parts in the workshops of contractors.

Business strategy was simple — to develop customer service intensively, Bosch service. The world’s first official service station Robert Bosch AG on the installation of spare parts and car repair was first opened on the outskirts of German Hamburg exactly 100 years ago. It was the Max Eisenmann & Co. workshop.

Shortly before that, Bosch opened several spare parts sales offices. With them, special premises were arranged, where purchased parts were installed on customers’ cars. But in major cities, only such offices were not enough to create a large-scale service network. That is why Robert Bosch chose an alternative way.

The concept of it was as simple as possible. Automotive and motorcycle workshops that meet certain requirements on the area, equipping and client base, have the opportunity to be called the name Bosch service. They were provided with special conditions for the sale of Bosch spare parts, as well as the equipment needed to install these spare parts. Customers-motorists are guaranteed to receive branded spare parts and assistance in servicing their cars, addressing the Bosch workshops next to the house.

From 20 to 2750

The name Bosch service and a separate trademark Bosch service were officially registered only after 5 years. By this time, 20 Bosch service stations were already working in Germany, located in strategically important points — on the most loaded transport highways.

The inscription and the branded Bosch logo in the form of Magneto in the context served as the basis for the trademark of Bosch service. To any person immediately became clear, parts of which brand use workshops with this sign on the facade.

The development was rapid — new points opened not only in Germany, but also beyond. By the time, in 1930, for the first time a full list of all workshops Bosch service was compiled, the network went up to 2750 points in 78 countries. Bosch name and brand sales offices continued to spread around the world.

From bosch service to bosh auto service

In the post-war years, the number of Bosch service stations continued to grow. Mass motorization of Europe showed the need to make the service network even more dense. In 1962, there were already about 3,800 centers Bosch service. And in the 1992th, the 10-thousand Bosch service was solemnly opened — Peter Müller & Söhne.

Since 1999, Bosch service centers throughout the world received a new official name — Bosch auto service.

100 years after the opening of the first workshop, the Bosch auto service network is the leader in the market of independent car repair shops that provide a full range of services. Today it consists of 13.5 thousand workshops in 150 countries, in which more than 50 million cars are held annually.

Bosch auto service network has won Dorie Autowners all over the world. Bosch examination is always at a high level. The authority is also facilitated by century cooperation of service partners with an advanced Bosch concern, and consistently high quality of services provided.

Partners of the Bosch auto service network receive support from the company. These are the latest technologies for car diagnostics and maintenance, efficient logistics in spare parts supply, as well as marketing support. Partners can enjoy a constantly growing examination of the concern.

Motorists-customers network Bosch auto service also rated their advantages. Original Bosch spare parts are always available for them at each network station. To their services, qualified specialists, high-quality service and friendly staff.