Smart cars are increasingly conquered by the automotive market

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There is no doubt: artificial intelligence, which is so actively introduced by engineers of many leading countries in the world in the design of the car, makes significant changes to the current car market. And this is manifested not only in the active transition from gasoline and diesel car to the newest electric cars. The influence of new technologies built on the principles of AI (artificial intelligence «change the structure of the car market itself. At the same time, manufacturers, on the one hand, have the opportunity to significantly save on the release of the car, and on the other, are subjected to new multidirectional threats.

The strategic goal that many leading autocontracers persecute is the introduction of AI to unmanned cars. For this purpose, a wide variety of projects are created, work is underway on all promising areas. But there are quite a lot of real examples showing how you can use «Aza» artificial intelligence now and extract good profits from it!

Perspective directions for car manufacturers

The most important task of automakers at this stage is to preserve customers, as well as attracting new potential buyers. Artificial intelligence is actively introduced into the scope of machine learning, allowing you to adapt each particular car to the features and style of driving the car owner. Imagine that technologies will take into account the human reaction rate and adjust the behavior of the car on the road.

Also, the manufacturer will have to figure out what functions of the car most actively use motorists who prefer this or that model of the car. As a result, at the stage of assembling machines, the configuration expectations is performed. At the same time, those functions and options that are not in demand for motorists are calmly deleted. By saving considerable amounts of money.

Goals and objectives dealership centers

At this stage of the development of world car industry, dealer centers are experiencing not the best times. At least in Russia — for sure! The greatest damage to incur dealerships in 2017, when their total number decreased by 3% at once. Later, the situation has stabilized, but remained at the lowest point (no more than 3100 salons across the country (information of the magazine of auto Revision). Along with the complex economic situation in the world and the country, the dealer centers are actively offensive automakers, preferring to work with buyers directly, without intermediary services. .

The task of any dealer (multi-brand, first of all) — keep the client, even if he plans to change the brand. To do this, use telematics technology that allows you to have fresh and accurate information about each client:

how much he drives a year,

What a motorist driving style;

How often and at what time intervals the client prefers to attend the service center;

the spectrum of the most demanded services;

the most sought-after spare parts and accessories purchased by a specific car owner, etc.

Based on the data received from the telematics, the employees of the Dealer Center may choose the client to another brand (as part of a single chloolding) for the client, for example, instead of Volkswagen — BMW. It is important that the new machine will be taken into account the experience of using the previous machine.

What is «Telematics»? If in general, this is a complex of various services that use data obtained from two or more telematic devices in their work and their active use. These data may include:

navigation satellite chips;


mobile communication modules with SIM card;

Built-in battery, gyroscope and many other «smart» things!

Collecting the suitable complex can be obtained / providing a number of important and sought-after services, such as:

navigation with maximum positioning accuracy;

car diagnostics at a distance;

car park management, control;


advanced multimedia functionality;

Uninterrupted communication and much more.

Imagine what advantages to receive car owners who use the advantages of AI in their cars!

Using AI in auto insurance

The motorways successfully apply new technologies when assessing risks. Thus, the company’s expenses are optimized and an individual package for customers is selected. So far, leadership in this area of kashering companies. They actively detect neat motorists, analyzing the style of driving all users. Accordingly, special conditions for short-term car rental, preferential tariffs and additional bonuses are provided to the most frightened and responsible clients.

For example, if the average tariff has 10-12 rubles, then tariffs at 7-8 rubles can be installed for users with minimal risks on an accident. While the motorways is just beginning to learn from specialists in Kashering this model of relationships, but in the very near future will also go to an assessment of the individual level of driving safety

Auto for short-term lease

Cachery services are now most actively moving in Moscow. Up to 25 thousand cars for rent daily for rent. You can imagine what circulation of money, and what profits from the owners of this business. But kashenging is actively developing not only in the capital, but also other major cities and megalopolis: St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, etc.

Leading market players also change the conditions for interaction with customers using the achievements of the introduction of AI in the automotive equipment. Changes relate to tariff nets that are optimized with the working hours of customers. The latest technologies allow you to optimize and personalize the services that the company provides. Under the user is selected brand and model, car color. In the Salon, the default music will be included with the driver’s favorite music, and the navigator will indicate the routes home, to work or to the cottage.

Thus, the introduction of artificial intelligence in the auto industry allows you to change not only the car market (making it more personalized), but also changes the cars themselves. Moreover, these changes occur quite quickly.

At least in advanced, economically developed countries

Prospects for the development of the direction for the period up to 2025