Switching the vest over the future Lada Vesta.


The new promising model line of the Romanian automaker Dacia offers only one car in the «Universal» body. This decision in principle comes from the fact that in the European market, cars for families for all occasions are very popular. However, promising «Sarai», as the founding of the writing of breeds in the EU countries, will not be simple, but with increased clearance, but not a classic crossover.

Our channel appreciated all the old light images appeared in the automotive media

Curious reader asks, and us, Russians, why are the images of this car? And everything is very simple.

But before the LADA model range will be supplemented by this model, from

We’ll have to calm the domestic motorists, the Lada Vesta life cycle, built on the domestic platform Lada B / C, will live long enough on the conveyor in Izhevsk. The next year Lada Vesta FL will be released, that is, a popular car will be held facelifting. And that’s

This became known from those statements that the head of AvtoVAZ Nicolas Mor did during the recent June visit to Udmurtia, Izhevsk at the AvtoVAZ branch.

AvtoVAZ President highlighted the domestic car. Lada Vesta is a very successful car on the Russian car market, which is part of the top 3 best-selling models. «

But it is not all. According to him, later Lada Vesta completes the new engine and additional options.

That is, to turn the production of the second largest car in the model line of the domestic brand Lada AvtoVAZ management does not intend. This is a very important statement, because in the Renaulution strategy, published at the beginning of this year, the leadership of the French automaker is particularly emphasis on the production capacity of all automakers included in the French concern. And AvtoVAZ and Renault Groupe in Russia with this just not all well. Not even good.

Recall that the main production site in Tolyatti, capable of producing 1 million cars in the dock

The prospect of the Izhevsk venue of AvtoVAZ, which is called today «Lada Izhevsk», thus became a few years ahead, until the life cycle of the Lada Vesta car of domestic development will end. Looking for the horizon Next, 2025 is still difficult.

But, as you know, Lada Vesta SW is the most common station wagon in the Russian market. For several years he has been holding first place in the Russian Federation among cars with this type of body. In fact, a recent study published on the Avtostat website clearly showed the target audience of this wagon. These are mostly family men aged 30-40 +. They have a spacious, spacious, well-managed car, for mature people and good permeability. For such purposes as spending time with family / children, rest at the cottage and the city.

As for the statement of Nicolas Mora

Note that he did not specify which models this power unit will be installed. With 100% confidence you can only talk about what is already known. This motor will be in the line of new cars derived from the market in the period 2023-2024 — Lada Granta New and Lada Niva NEW, which will be built on the French platform CMF-B. It is possible that this motor will be appropriate for export variants of Lada Vesta.

Here logic suggests that a 150-strong engine, of course, give the dynamism to the universal, and most likely will be offered with only the variator, which will undoubtedly increase the price of the car. But on the other hand, a modernized domestic engine with a volume of 1.8 liters is prepared for the new LADA line. Our channel is inclined yet in favor of this domestic development. After all, at the request of the same Nicolas Mora, AvtoVAZ will not leave the segment of cars with a price below 1 million.

As for the Romanian wagon, the image of which opens this material, its Russian fate will determine in the near future. It is clear that it will not be a budget product. The so-called «cannibalization» with the current version of Lada Vesta he will not.

And as you know, according to the same Mora, at the first stage it is planned to withdraw the value of LADA in 1 million rubles, and at the second — 1.2 million rubles. According to him, it will work, only if AvtoVAZ can offer a really interesting price ratio for the properties and value of the product for consumers. And the Romanian wagon is suitable for these characteristics.