Temperature under control


The compressor is rightly called the heart of the air conditioning system. It squeezes the refrigerant gaseous, heating it in the process of work. The refrigerant passes through the intermediate stages in the air conditioner condenser and the evaporator, where the necessary condensation is made, evaporation, then the refrigerant returns to the air conditioner compressor, and the cycle begins again. Typically, the compressor is driven by the engine through the polyclinic belt. For lubricant, the air conditioner compressor is filled with special oil, the part of which circulates through the air conditioning system along with the refrigerant. The size of the compressor of the air conditioner depends on the size of the system. The range of models of compressors of MAHLE air conditioners is very wide and includes the latest generation of electric aggregates.

After purchasing the entire stake in Behr Hella Service (BHS), Mahle Aftermarket Company, January 1, 2020, all existing BHS activities were transferred to MAHLE. For MAHLE customers, this means access to a wide range of products for thermostat for passenger and trucks, as well as agricultural and construction equipment. Products are offered under the Behr brand, and its range is regularly expanding. To date, the new MAHLE portfolio in the area of thermostat includes the following products:

Engine cooling

• Radiators

• Expansion tanks

• Visco® couplings / fan clutches

• Radiator / condenser fans

• Advance air coolers

• Oil radiators

• Heating Radiators

• Coolers of the exhaust gas recirculation system

• Water pumps and sets

• Switches and sensors

• Thermostats

Air conditioning

• Air conditioner compressors

• Condensors of air conditioner

• Dryer filters and batteries

• Expansion valves and throttle tubes

• Evaporators

• Air conditioner switches

• Electric controllers for air dampers

• Internal fans

• Compressor oils for air conditioning

• Regulators and air conditioner fan resistors

Let us dwell on some products in more detail.

Radiators of the cooling system

Our radiators are key to the proper operation of the engine cooling system. In front of the car, located in the air flow, they are able to optimally dispel heat from the engine, which is transferred to the coolant. All MAHLE details, such as radiator core and radiator tack, including all connections and fasteners, have a long service life. The radiator core itself is a tubular design with fins, manifolds and core lids. In conventional tank radiators, fiberglass reinforced polyamide are performed. Also available solidular radiators with reduced weight and depth.

Fans and clutches

Efficient fan operation reduces fuel consumption and reduces environmental impact. Thanks to the products of our traditional brand Visco®, which has existed for more than 50 years, MAHLE offers a wide range of tested powerful fans and couplings. Visco® couplings provide additional savings and reduce the noise level of the engine.

In truck engines and powerful cars of passenger cars, they allow you to control cooling air streams depending on the temperature. If the fan is not required, the coupling is completely turned off.

Water pumps and sets

Being a central element of the cooling system, water pumps are among the most sought-after spare parts. To meet the market demand, MAHLE offers standard Pumps with belt drive, as well as models with electronic control. All our water pumps are characterized by high quality and fully meet all requirements in terms of functionality and applicability. They are available not only in the form of separate parts (including sealing rings and gaskets), but also in the form of sets with gear belts and, if necessary, tension, deflecting and guide rollers, as well as gaskets and sedatives.

Radiators of the heating system

MAHLE heating radiators use the engine spent heat to regulate the temperature in the car. The principle of operation is as simple, how effective: the coolant flows through the radiator located under the dashboard. The air flow created by the salon fan passes through the radiator and heats up. Warm air enters the cabin and provides a comfortable temperature when it’s cold outside.

Condensors of air conditioner

The capacitor reduces the temperature of the compressed refrigerant. For this purpose, gas passes through the tube of the capacitor, cooled, the gas pressure is partially reduced, and it goes into a liquid state. To facilitate logistics and assembly, the MAHLE assortment includes not only numerous air conditioners, but also ready-made modules. These are ready-made aggregates consisting of a condenser and receiver-desiccant.


The evaporator is the main element of temperature control. It is located in the car’s cabin under the dashboard and is built into the ventilation system. The evaporator takes care of heat transfer between ambient air and refrigerant in the air conditioning system. In the evaporator, the liquid refrigerant goes into a gaseous state. The reduction of refrigerant temperature arising during this process cools the air passing through the large surface of the evaporator, which is then sent directly to the car’s cabin. MAHLE evaporators are characterized by high efficiency, small installation depth
and low weight.

Separately, it is worth noting a new generation of MAHLE service equipment for servicing air conditioners. Installations can boast of impressive coverage of the model market as connectivity. They have a modern and ergonomic design, an intuitive user interface. The ability to perform installation maintenance with one hand allows you to install completely new standards in operation. All new generation services are working with the R513A refrigerant and have the ability to connect to the ASA network.