The Chinese are torn to the leaders.

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Each 20th Russian motorist went on the new «Chinese» from the gate of the dealer center for the past half of the year. Accordingly, the remaining 19 Russian motorists preferred a car of domestic, European, Korean, or Japanese brands.

The opinion of the Chinese expansion in the Russian automotive market among motorists and professionals is the most polar. But it should be recognized that

Indeed, attentive glance increasingly crashes from a moving stream of cars Chinese brands. They have already become familiar and not at all surprised by the presence of them on the roads and parking in the courtyards of residential microdistrics. But still, is it possible to rule them the lead in Russia?

Cars — Perennial leaders of the Russian car market are well known. Their lists are regularly published in the reports on the sales of the Association of European Businesses (AEB). In principle, the list of these cars has already been soldered asked, since the top 25 models are rarely changing. But how far from them are far from Chinese leaders, how soon can they sue traditional and familiar leaders? And does the Chinese have «potential» for such ambitions?

Today, there are five models in the leaders of the Chinese segment (see Table below).

These are crossovers

To the youngest class of Chinese crossovers

But what is interesting. These Chinese small class crossovers oh, as far from the leadership positions of the segment. Look, the difference between the leader Hyundai Creta and the Chinese Chery Tiggo 4 reaches

The same impressive gaps and with Renault Duster, Lada Niva and even double with the «newcomers» Skoda Karoq and Kia Seltos.

That is, for the traditional leaders of the Russian market «Chinese» threat in this class of junior popular crossovers while illusory. However, in the further position of someone from the usual they can shake.

Expustion of crossovers in the class SUV-B

And how are things in other senior cars and do the Chinese threaten leaders there?

The second most popular

It is worth considering that this «Chinese» newcomer of the Russian market and its rapidly gained popularity is a lesson to others. In addition,

Finally, the leader of the Chinese —

And finally, fix the indicators of the leadership Chinese. Is it a lot or a little to meet the ambitious leadership? So far, it is not enough, but the competition is announced, and we will soon find out its results. I wonder how the alignment will be in a year, after two? Yes, in addition, because the Chinese do not sit back and output new items, like Haval Jolion or Geely Atlas Pro.

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