The Chinese break through.


They broke out! While this breakthrough occurred at the regional level.

The offensive of the Chinese, as it should be, comes from the east of the country, namely, from the territory of the Siberian Federal District. Here, for example, Brand Chery has a 12.8% of the market of new districts of the district and takes 10th place in the SFO.

For example, in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the second in the tank of the car market of Siberia, all the same Chery is already in the eighth place and breathes in the head of Czech Skoda and German VW. The Chinese brand has already taken a stake in 18% of the new car market of a huge Siberian region. In Omsk, the third largest SFO market, Haval’s brand rose into the 9th place, grabbing 10% of the local market for new cars.

However, it is all particular, some smears, and not a complete picture. Because at the All-Russian level, the Chinese brands of players of the second league are still in the second ten, in the second ten of the most important rating of the country according to AEB. It is noteworthy that premium brands

Our channel decided yet to study the question and find out what segment the Chinese will have a breakthrough and what is the picture today. And that’s what it turned out.

Today, in the leaders of the Chinese segment in the first top 5, there are Haval F7 crossovers, Chery Tiggo 7Pro, Chery Tiggo 4, Geely Coolray and Haval F7x cross-coupe.

To whom the Chinese «come on the heels»

As it turned out the most strong positions today at Chinese crossovers in the SUV-D dimensional class. Here is the second year here

Table 1 SUV-D class leaders, pcs.

Somewhat different and less favorable for the Chinese painting in

Table 2 SUV-C Leaders Leaders

But the most difficult for the Chinese is the situation

But in its class, according to the results of seven months, the model looks quite pale (Table). Look at what a huge break of these two Chinese models with class leaders. Especially with Hyundai Creta — more than six to seven times. This means that one Chery Tiggo 4 at the same time has been sold 6.5 conditioned Hyundai Creta or 3.5 conventional Renault Duster.

Table 3 SUV-B Class Leaders