The Chinese «threw» the Russians of a new pet, who broke into the Russian rating.


There was a chance, a sensation was happening, on which almost no one responded. Our channel expected this event will occur somewhere on the temporary line of the current and next year. But the Chinese are able to surprise. However, about everything in order.

In the Chinese segment of the Russian market, new cars unfolded a serious struggle. We are talking about the battle for the wallets of domestic buyers with varying success between the three car «dragons» —

Everyone knows that the main rating of the popularity of new cars in Russia publishes AEB (Association of European Business). This organization every month is the top-25 car. If you have to extract these signs since 2009, when it began to make up on a regular basis, it can be stated that the specialists of this organization do the titanic work, while maintaining the question history for us. But this is not the main thing.

We expected that in the main ranking, Chinese cars should appear sooner or later. And this happened! For the first time in the top-25 just compiled by the July ranking, we saw the Chinese crossover Geely Coolray, however, on the 24th, the penultimate line of the plate.

Do not laugh at such a modest result. It is still a breakthrough for the Chinese car industry, which up to this point

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At the end of the first half of 2021, 6676 cars of the Haval F7 model were sold. In the crossover segment, this popular Haval was in 17th place, but in turn, in the All-Russian top-25, compiled by AEB, he did not even hit the 25th place. Since the Top-25 national rating is taken into account not only crossovers, but also ordinary cars. Then we predicted, given the growth rates of sales, which the Haval F7 should «light up» in the top 25 from AEB closer to December, or at least at the very beginning of next year.

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So with the appearance in the All-Russian top-25 from AEB

In general, it is interesting to observe this struggle of «Chinese boys» for leadership. If you go to the storerooms of our memory, and more precisely to distinguish the privacy reports of the AEB, which they are not for wide access, then we will see that in the monthly leaders of the Chinese segment of the Russian car market visited not only Haval F7, but also were

And as a bonus, we will put the top 25 from AEB for seven months of this year. There are no Chinese in it. But we are confident, in such ratings in 2022 they will appear, just what models will these? You can share in the comments.