The first domestic grand project sedan

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

We rebound on high-quality, modern, powerful cars of domestic assembly, our motorists strive in the smallest details to consider a magnificent novelty — Presidential Limousine Aurus.

By the way, it is translated as a combination of 2 words: Aurum (Gold) and Russia (Russia).

main destination

For the first time, Presidential Limousine Aurus was presented to citizens in all its glory and brilliance at the inauguration ceremony, which took place in 2018. Almost 3 years have passed, but so far we know about these project cars a tuple is not much as I wanted.

Well, we will open a little curtain of mystery.

First, the names of the models. The developers decided to call the car in honor of the main towers of the Moscow Kremlin. Thus:

The first cars are released in Moscow in single specimens. But soon there will be a full-fledged production in Elabug, which allows you to increase power up to 5,000 copies per year!

Well, now, despite the high price, the queue for cars of the project was lined up for 4 years ahead.

Raisin Brand — «Russian» Spirit!

Initially, the developers of Aurus for the project a motorcade decided that all parts, nodes and aggregates should be developed completely from Russian materials and in domestic enterprises. As a result by car:

Wheel discs from Krasnoyarsk;

Tires are made on Nizhnekamsk bus factory;

aerodynamic panels are made in Yaroslavl;

the upholstery of the cabin (leather) is supplied to the assembly shop of their Ryazan;

Fuel tanks from Nizhny Novgorod.

Very «solid» equipment

Aurus Senat, as well as Komendant and Arsenal, are equipped with all times known at the moment, active and passive security systems. And in the design of the first Aurus, made under the project a motorcade for the head of state, there is another mass of innovative solutions, which for obvious reasons are classified.

The designers and the comfort of the driver thought, providing it with important and useful help systems.

In the «base» there is both adaptive cruise control, and an ultra-efficient emergency braking system. And the system of warning and preventing a collision is able to recognize pedestrians while driving, on the go.

Well, for the «green» energy fans, a pleasant «bonus» is also provided — project cars. The tuples are equipped not only by powerful DVS

But also a classic electric motor. There is first in the history of the domestic auto industry a full-fledged hybrid. And what else!

It is not surprising that hundreds of aurus in Russia walk, if not thousands of wealthy people.

Not less interest and abroad!