The Japanese are preparing revenge.


Today on the Russian automotive market there is a very interesting trend. The Japanese brands of cars, which, until recently, were considered a model of reliability, endurance, availability of ownership, maintainability and efficiency, began to lose market positions and to give way to competition on the market road of the Russian Federation to other more successful automakers.

Now, it is unlikely that some of the readers will remember the market «battles», which turned on the «car fields» of America in the 70-80 years of the last century. There, behind the ocean was very afraid of the Japanese expansion. The newspapers of those years were shot by the headlines, something like a «new pearl harbor», etc. Since, starting to build their plants, the Japanese then fastened the «

Returning to us, in the Russian Federation, we still state how at the beginning of the modern history of the development of the Russian automotive market, the Japanese brands were considered exemplary, embodied all positive qualities and characteristics in their cars. Thus, the Russian Far East was «without a fight» given to the Japanese car industry, more precisely, used right-handed Japanese cars.

And in the market of new machines, the position of the Japanese until recently was strong. But nothing is eternal. Today, the positions of the Japanese automakers begin to weaken. If

Until recently, such not too lucky brands in the Russian Federation and

And today, as if, shaking off from sleep,

Last 2020, Suzuki dealers in the Russian Federation sold 7,960 new cars in the Russian Federation, and even despite the heavyweight year of sales rose by 7%. Competent planning, this is the secret of success. Suzuki car dealers did not influence prices, and smoothly, almost imperceptibly, they were raised. And when after all restrictions there were an attractive demand for new cars, Russian motorists remembered very good cars of this brand.

Today, «Suzuki Motor Rus» plans to sell 10 thousand cars in Russia this year — 25% more than last year. According to the company’s estimates, it will take 0.6% of the Russian car market to occupy SUZUKI. This will be the best indicator since 2017. In 2022, «Suzuki Motor Rus» sets the goal to implement 13 thousand cars in the Russian market. These plans said the general director of the company Takahashi Utah. Moreover, these plans are built on the current model of Suzuki. The rate will be made on the already tested «Konk» — to stimulate the demand by the development of financial programs that should make the purchase of Suzuki cars more accessible to customers. Recall that in the Russian Federation presented crossovers

Takhakashi also noted that the issue of the construction of a car assembly plant in Russia for the Japanese company is closed. Recall that in 2010 the Japanese have already abandoned such a project once.

Today, in Russia too