The Japanese presented a new Mitsubishi Outlander Phev


The first thing that rushes into the eyes, when studying information about a novelty, is the maximum of conspiracy and the desire to keep intrigue to the very end. The second is a bold statement that the Mitsubishi Outlander Phev of the new generation will «shut up for the belt» Toyota RAV4 itself. The manufacturer, Japanese autoconecern, declares a significant increase in the mileage without refueling, as well as — the best technical and technological equipment.

At the same time, Mitsubishi’s management publishes only the official teaser of the new crossover. Representatives of auto-giant Skupo comment on the car with a rechargeable hybrid installation by offering to wait for the appearance of a parcipher ready for mass production.

In the meantime, only the appearance of a carefully camouflaged car is available to users.

And what will change

Outlander Phev on design will not be very different from a previously announced cross-producer equipped with a traditional power unit. But there are important changes, namely:

There was a place for the fog, but the radiator grille retained the form characteristic of most of all modern models of this brand.

So what phev is better than RAV4

The manufacturer in his press release opens the veil of secrecy (a little). It becomes aware of the use of a lithium-ion battery at a 13.9 kW * h capable of autonomous electrical mode (without launching in DVS) to drive at least 100 km on one charging. Toyota for this parameter, of course, is inferior.

When will the novelty appear on the market? The exact deadlines manufacturer, for understandable reasons, does not want to disclose. But everything speaks of a high degree of readiness to PHEV to «exit.» Most likely, the presentation will take place this year!