The new reality of the space sphere and the protection of national interests: on the XIV International Navigation Forum will discuss the program

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

The implementation of the State Strategic Initiative will allow to introduce innovative solutions and services based on satellite technologies, global coating technologies, development in the field of artificial intelligence, large data, as well as management of highly automated vehicles.

The program «Sphere» intends to ensure high quality space services by upgrading applicable and creating new technologies, systems and products. By 2030, it is planned to launch new space groups, the resource of which will make it possible to form a distributed data collection infrastructure for moving, robotic and unmanned objects, ensuring global situational awareness.

On June 15, the Navigation Forum will be a basic platform for discussing issues related to the implementation of the Sphere Space Information Technology Program, key sectoral meetings, meetings, relevant meetings, and the Navatekh-2021 exhibition — to accommodate exhibition, demonstration and thematic expositions by subordinate enterprises of the State Corporation Roscosmos.

Within the framework of the Forum, the Congress «Sphere» will be held with the support of the Roskosmos State Corporation, which will combine events devoted to the implementation of the Sfefer program, the development of the GLONASS system and the prospects for its formation as global industrial technology, satellite communication systems and high-precision satellite navigation.

Together with the «Program of the Sphere» of the key theme of the Navigation Forum, the market of innovative transport technologies «AutoNet» will be the market. For the past few years, we see how the Autonnet market continues to actively develop around the world. There is a full-fledged consumer ecosystem and service providers, systems and modern vehicles based on intelligent platforms, networks and infrastructure in the logistics of people and things.

At the forum site, the leaders and experts of automotive, transport, digital and telematic industries, representatives of regulatory bodies, state institutions and development funds, analysts and industry experts will discuss new solutions for connected and unmanned vehicles, car digital services, improvement and development of urban infrastructure, intelligent city Mobility, cybersecurity problems and legislative regulation of large data, the development of ADAS technologies and the prospects for using V2x.

The organizer of the Navigation Forum is the GLONASS / GNSS Forum Association. General Forum General — Roskosmos State Corporation. Strategic partner — Suberavtotech LLC. Expert partners forum — NP «Promoting the Development and Use of Navigation Technologies» and NTI «Autonenet». Official partner — FSUE «Space Communication». Forum partners — TOPCONPOSITIONINGSYSTEMS and Consortium Mythi — ENPO SPELS JSC. The forum operator is the Agency «Profonference». The organizer of the exhibition «Navatekh-2021» — Expocentre JSC. The exhibition is held with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

The International Navigation Forum is a key event in the field of innovative transport and navigation technologies, annually passing together with the «Navitheh-2021» exhibition within the Russian week of high technologies. On the forum, the key representatives of the navigation and related technologies market represent their developments and solutions based on GLONASS / GPS for unmanned and connected transport, logistics, industry, construction, geodesy, agriculture.

The «Navitheh-2021» exhibition is held in the framework of the Russian week of high technologies together with the main event of the telecommunications industry — the exhibition «Svyaz-2021», creating a single space of innovation in the field of telecommunications and navigation.

More information about events can be obtained on the forum website (