The new version of the Patriot will not be, but what is in return

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Cars produced by the Ulyanovsky Plant did not scold only the most lazy. Car enthusiasts, of course, do not really like that the domestic cargoant seems to be «frozen» in its development. Cars that have come off the plant conveyor at the end of the last century do not change in principle. And even more or less new UAZ Patriot appeared on the market for a long time, and all its modifications do not significantly change the car.

Of course, on the one hand, this has its advantages. The first of them is the price available to most. And the second is the excellent off-road characteristics that are not available to many most powerful, modern jeeps!

But time is coming, the technologies are actively being introduced into all spheres of automotive industry. I will have done, the leadership of the auto plant understood that it was impossible to sit next to «in the trenches». Therefore, it was decided to abandon the next modification of the patriot. And what about instead?

According to the autobanggers who have inside, it will be a full-fledged crossover UAZ-409 sample of 2021! But again, whether there are enough resources from Ulyanovsev, to create and run such an SUV in a series using partners?

But, let’s look at this fruit of fantasy.

What the developers of the new car UAZ-409 can conquer their fans:

First, it is, of course, affordable price.

The second is completely saved by the «branded» four-wheel drive, which is no analogue!

At a completely different level, the parameters of comfort, as well as security, both the driver and passengers and passengers.

Qualitatively worked out design

The new crossover will receive a unique, modern, somewhat even brutal appearance! However, the branded concept has been preserved, and the model of the UAZ-409 itself is more like a full-fledged SUV, and not for a parcoatnik. Car dimensions are quite large, each detail has been carefully worked out. At the same time, the branded «UAZ» style is preserved!


The final decision on the «power» equipment of the UAZ-409 crossover has not yet been accepted. Or the information is strictly classified. But the external parameters of the car, as well as the technical capabilities of the manufacturer indicate that under the hood, most likely, there will be 2.7 liters of atmospheric engine. Transmission, presumably, is a time-tested 6-step automaton. But the mechanics are likely to remain too.

When it is planned to enter the market

Unfortunately, in the next year or two, UAZ does not plan to serial production of the crossover. We’ll have to wait until 2025-2026. Especially welcome! Or rather, as they say in the East, «either Padisch will go to the world of different or donkey.»