The newest maneuver locomotive TEM23 — and here did not cost without KamAZ

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

It is gratifying that domestic engineering can be an «engine of progress» and in other sectors of the economy. So,

The design of a powerful railway tractor of life was developed by the National Center for Industrial Design and Innovation 2050.Lab in 2021. And on the last day of August, a presentation of new items took place at the Pro // Motion Office forum.

An interesting event was visited by hundreds of delegates, including a number of neighboring states. Of particular interest, the novelty caused not only from specialists, but also omnipresent journalists.

The implementation of the project took place on the order of the world’s largest developer (and producer) of rolling stock for railway and urban rail transport — TMX.

The curtain of the secrets over the new vehicle General Director 2050.Lab D. Topilskaya:

«TEM23 is the first locomotive in Russia, in the appearance of which the latest principles developed by the TMX DNA brand are applied. At the same time, the Presentation of the railway tractor is not a show of a layout or scheme, but a full-fledged design of a high degree of readiness for serial production. That is why this presentation is an important, iconic event for the entire industry as a whole. «!

With key features of the exterior of a powerful car journalist journalists «TVZVEZDA» introduced the Senior Designer of the Center I. Schtikov. One of the most important features is the installation on the diesel locomotive of a completely new cabin of a universal type. Shishkov revealed the features of the modular design, which, according to him, «can significantly reduce repair downtime. For the first time, a non-standard (for a locomotive) of the opening scheme of hoods is applied, in which the side panels are shifted up, thereby opening free access to all nodes of the power plant. And the side panels in the lower part of the housing protect the equipment from attempts to unauthorized penetration of both the fuel tank and to other elements of the crew unit. «

TEM23 is the newest sample of four-axle two-sized maneuver diesel locomotive. The main purpose of heavy special equipment is the performance of maneuver and export work on railways with a kolay of 1520 M width. The characteristic feature of the sample is the applied design of the modular type. Well, the «heart» of the diesel engine is a diesel engine with a capacity of 309 or 368 kW, depending on the configuration.

Finally, another important news that the public reported the general director of the association was planned to be carried out at one of the leading sectoral enterprises — the Bryansk engineering factory.

Already the first acquaintance with the demonstration model allows you to make an important conclusion: there is heavy engineering in the country, and it continues to develop successfully!

Structurally, TEM23 consists of the following main nodes and aggregates:

The characteristic feature of the locomotive is that each of the above blocks has a fully completed design, and a special connectors and wires are enough to connect to the main frame module. The result is a sharp increase in not only functionality, but also maintainability. Replacing a defective or developed a resource block occurs in a short time. No need to derive diesel locomotives for a long time.

Designers TEM23 provided technical opportunity to manage techniques remotely, without human participation. For this, the locomotive is equipped with a special system of the «machinist».

The modular system, the use of equipment that does not need to be maintained, as well as the installation of an asynchronous drive on diesel locomotive allowed more than 2 times to reduce the number of goals in the depot for both repair.

Designers (in contrast to serial samples) of the new diesel locomotive provided a system for reserving the main equipment: DGU (diesel-generating unit), a loading system and a cooling system. And the new cabin made it possible to create comfortable conditions for locomotive brigades.

Also practically implemented a system for managing the modes of operation 2 diesel engines, combined asynchronous power selection. Automation has been introduced, providing a uniform distribution of the operation of each power unit. The use of new diesel engines on TEM23 allowed:

enhance environmental friendliness;

reduce the noise level by 50%;

Save up to 30% fuel and oil.

Depending on the work performed and the necessary traction, the diesel locomotive can be operated in economical mode using one power plant or full power. Power units developed by PJSC KAMAZ and are the following samples:

P6, row six-cylinder, 368 kW;

V8, 8-cylinder, V-shaped, with a capacity of 309 kW.

Thus, the total power of the locomotive, depending on the type of DVS, can be 618 or 736 kW.

And one more important parameter for this technique is a tangential force. It is measured at the moment of starting the railway tractor and the TEM23 is 300 kN and more. The same parameter measured in a long operational mode — from 235 kN. Designers laid the limit speed of locomotive 100 km / h. For the maneuver tractor — this is a great indicator!