The third regional final of the competition «The best auto service 2021» — Southern Federal District

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

On June 23, the third regional finale of the Competition from GROUPAUTO RUSSIA «The Best Car Service 2021» was held — at 10:00 Moscow time, live 52 teams of the Southern Region on the GROUPAUTO online platform — to compete for the title of the best in their business.

In total, a 381 specialist registered for the regional final stage — of which 211 people were held to the regional final: 52 teams, 17 participants in the nomination «Best Diagnostic», 75 — «Best Mechanics», 62 — «Best Master Consultant» and 57 — «Best supervisor».

In addition to gifts from GROUPAUTO RUSSIA, participants were expected gifts from partners and sponsors of the competition:

Bosch General Partner — In 2021, became the founder of the special nomination «Best Diagnost» — the winners and winners of this nomination received not only gifts from GROUPAUTO RUSSIA, but also gifts personally from Bosch — rechargeable screwdrivers GSR 12V-35 HX and C7 Chargers .

Lesjöfors held online drawing for mechanics — a gift was the gift acoustics JBL Charge.

Gates has established a drawing of branded gifts for consultancy masters. Regional Marketing Manager Gates Vladimir Morera has entered the broadcast, congratulated the participants and personally awarded the winners of the competition.

Also among the managers, one hundred additional draw was a team of GROUPAUTO RUSSIA — conversations received a discount on the Group to purchase a GROUPAUTO MY Team affiliate program. GROUPAUTO My Team is a program for the heads of a hundred, developed by the Specialists of the GROUPAUTO RUSSIA Call Center and aimed at efficient work with the NPS — consumer loyalty index.

We remind you that the regional online finale, as well as the traditional finale in offline format consists of three stages:

1 stage — primary online testing of all participants and detecting 10-ki best;

2 stages — secondary final testing of 10 participants who received the maximum number of points during primary testing;

3 Stage — counting points and awarding.

At the end of the competitive day, the winners were identified in each nomination:

Winners in the nomination «Best Mechanics»:

1st place — Oleinik Mark, AM-Service

2nd place — Arbutov Eugene, Turbo Dom (turbo-house)

3 place — Bondarchuk Anatoly, Garmash

Winners in the nomination «Best Diagnostic»:

1st place — Lukashov Sergey, AutoElectrical «Check»

2nd place — Zubkovsky Alexander, AM-Service

3rd place — Shaked Alexander, Turbo Dom (turbo-house)

Winners in the nomination «Best Master Consultant»:

1st place — Sadnin Nikita, Am-Service

2nd place — Loginov Ivan, AM-Service

3rd place — Yezhazh Kirill, AM service

Winners in the nomination «Best Master Consultant Network Hundred»

1st place — Moskayev Sergey, Fit Service

2nd place — Yakubov Rustem, Fit Service

3rd place — Movage Alexey, Fit Service

Winners in the nomination «The best heads of the network service station»:

1st place — Ulyannyko Igor, sunny 57/2

2nd place — Jaroslav Jaroslav, Fit Service

3 place — Kabak Valentin, Fit Service

Winners in the nomination «Best Leader»:

1st place — Shaked Alexander, Turbo Dom (turbo-house)

2 place — Garmaš Galina, Garmash

3 place — Demin Alexey, Toylex

Winners in the nomination «The best mini hundred»:

1 Mosto — Anylex Plastanskaya 157a / 1, Sochi


3 place — Toylex Jan Fabrichis 27, Sochi

Winners in the nomination «Best Network Auto Service»

1st place — G-Energy Service, Volgograd

2nd place — Tyreplus, Novocherkassk

3 place — bik-auto, Rostov-na-Donu

Each of the finalists, as well as those who passed in the top ten in their nomination, will be able to continue the competition for the title of the best in Russia — at the National Finals of the «Best Car Service 2021» in August!

The next final will take place on July 7 — the region «Volga region». Hurry up to apply — applications are accepted until July 5 inclusive!

General Partner Competition — Bosch

Official Partners Competition — Bardahl, Bilstein Group, Driv, Garage Gurus, Gates, Kyb, Lesjöfors, Mahle, NGK NTK, Philips, Valeo

Official Sponsors of the Competition — Lynx, NRF, NTN-SNR, SKF