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10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Technical professionals are well known that for automakers, each design solution is due to the need to reduce motor emissions and a moderate fuel consumption, which means that vehicles become much more complex.

Few factors affecting the engine are as critical and have the same influence on the entire system as a whole, as its operating temperature. Maintaining the right temperature not only optimizes fuel efficiency and minimizes emissions, but also ensures that the oil will most effectively lubricate and protect, for example, internal components. Efficient temperature control in all areas of the engine from the initial start to reach the calculated operating temperature, whether in hot spots, such as the head of the cylinder block, or in more cool zones, is vital to maintain emission indicators declared automakers.

In all internal combustion engines, except for the most modern and electrical hybrid vehicles, the temperature of the coolant supplied to various parts of the engine is regulated by thermostat or thermostats. And they are incredibly important components, which means that in case of their failure, the qualitative replacement of the original component will be the best solution.

Despite the fact that the engine is designed to work at a temperature of about 90 ° C, long overheating will not only affect the engine performance and emissions allocated to them, but also can potentially damage its internal components. Naturally, several reasons for engine overheating are possible, but the thermostat should always be taken into account, because, although in general it is reliable, there are data indicating that with an increase in the complexity of this element, the frequency of failures is increasing.

For example, some data for 2020 have shown that in the five-year period from 2014 the frequency of failures of thermostats has steadily growing up to 5%. At the same time, the share of cars manufactured equipped with cabinets, and not traditional valve thermostats, has grown from 55% to 80%.

Along with the growing frequency of failures, another cause of overheating can, for example, become air entering the cooling system when replacing the water pump, if it is not properly output. In the event of a further air traffic jam next to the thermostat, it can be blocked in one position, which will break the proper circulation of the coolant and lead to overheating. Therefore, technicians are always advisable to closely treat such work.

Thermostats of traditional valve type can still be relatively easily tested by checking whether the thermostat opens in a boiling water saucepan is a useful way to narrow the search for overheating. But due to their relatively low cost, it is strongly recommended to replace them, even if they work during such a water test.

However, if the thermostat is embedded and cannot be extracted, it is impossible to check it with boiling water, and to determine whether it has been out of order, a diagnostic tool will be required.

The ever-growing range of DAYCO products on the secondary market includes thermostats that are developed and manufactured in accordance with the most stringent specifications of the original equipment (OE).

The range of more than 250 articles covers most of the European vehicle park, and to facilitate their identification, the DAYCO thermostats have a DT prefix, followed by a four-digit part number, as well as the end — the letters F, H or V, which determine the thermostat type: flange, housing or valve.

Dayco is a leading manufacturer of high-quality autocomponents with extensive experience in innovation.

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