Three new GATES hose rules expand income opportunities

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Back in 2019, Gates launched a wide selection of hoses and nozzles for a hundred. The initial extension of the range of hoses covered such groups:

• modular branched hoses;

• molded hoses;

• Hoses and pipes for turbocharged units.

In this, 2021, the company introduced three new lineup of automotive OE quality hoses for the car market. It:

• cast fuel hoses for gasoline and diesel
Fuel in fuel management systems

• Carter ventilation hoses for air supply control systems

• Air intake hoses for air supply control systems

Cast fuel hoses

The task of the cast fuel hose is to ensure the supply of fuel from the tank to the nozzles. The new ruler of the hoses solves the problems that may arise due to low
High-quality fuel causing clogging, for example. In this case, sealing rings are damaged. And the rings can be damaged during the service or replacement of nozzles due to repeated installation / dismantling or due to a connection fault …

Cast hose is deprived of these shortcomings.

The first 50 OE quality hoses are specifically designed to replace popular positions on Citroen cars, Mercedes-Benz and Renault.

Carter ventilation hoses

Motor oil pairs along with crankcase gases fall on crankcase ventilation hoses in the intake manifold. Some elements of the design of such hoses are made of plastic, which subsequently begins to collapse. All crankcase ventilation hoses from new Gates Linek contain reinforced elements from the stronger plastics.

The first 25 positions from the new Gates line can be used in such models of cars as BMW E38, E39, Ford Focus MK 1, as well as 1.4L FIAT 500 and 1.4L Punto Grande.

Air intake hoses

Air from the air filter box is supplied to the engine through the air intake hose. Sensors installed in each such hose adjust air pressure and help ensure maximum engine efficiency. Permanent contact of the inside of the hose with the engine oil, as well as the random oil entering the outer side causes a gradual deterioration of the properties of the material. Vibration accelerates hose wear. Uneven pressure inside the hose leads to ruptures.

New air intake hoses are made of more durable and proven EPDM and NBR materials in accordance with production standards.

The first 25 positions are designed for a variety of vending modifications, for example, for 2.5L BMW E39 or 1.5L Dacia Logan DCI.

New rules are already presented in the market together
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