Toyota RAV-4 — version 2.0 with «cunning» variator

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Unlike the top and fairly expensive 2.5 liter model of the popular RAV4 crossover, a similar two-liter model is considered more accessible. Increasingly, motorists are fans of the Japanese car industry, prefer precisely this option to complete the car. Causes are obvious: in appearance, the car does not distinguish the car, the assignment is exclusively in power and ability to overcome complex areas of roads with a poor coating. But as a «bonus» — saving fuel while maintaining a high level of comfort and excellent running properties!

Important design feature

Unlike the most powerful 2.5 liter of a motor, working paired with a 8-speed automaton, in a more affordable and economical version of 149-strong FLS, the use of a variator is provided. Its design differs significantly from similar transmissions and provides for the presence of a 1st mechanical transmission, which is «starting» and, at the same time, allows you to move on off-road at a speed of 20-25 km / h (small areas). There is a decrease in the load on the box, as well as the ability to reduce the used range of gear ratios.

At the very beginning of the Toyota RAV-4 car movement, the traction effort from the motor to the drive wheels is transmitted through traditional gears (bypassing the variator). And only after a set of start-up speeds, the accumulates are included with groundless transmission pulleys.

«Charged» and Drive

Lovers of high starting speeds can push off the purchase of RAV-4 declared 11 seconds necessary for a set of «hundreds». However, according to numerous polls of the car owners, they most liked this version of the Rav-4 configuration. The reasons for such popularity are obvious: excellent setup and impeccable work of the variator. The transmission does not freeze with active acceleration, as accurately imitates the operation of the 7-speed automaton, clearly and instantly reacting to the change in the position of the gas pedal.

And these «notorious» 11 seconds of overclocking do not interfere quietly and comfortably ride both in the conditions of the city and on the highway (including when performing overtaking)!

The price matters

Obviously, the price of two-liter RAV4 is lower, compared with a more expensive equipment option. At the same time, fuel consumption (you can safely ride the AI-92) on average, 2 liters are less than every 100 km of mileage.

When buying a two-liter Toyota RAV4 car, you can save 200 thousand rubles and more (depending on the configuration), save on the fuel and no significant difference in the dynamics not to notice!

Traditionally, motorists are offered various versions of the configuration — Standard, Comfort, Style, Prestige!


Despite the fact that Toyota RAV-4 plays in the most saturated different models of auto class, it deservedly be a favorite! Rafik is easily ahead of numerous competitors: Kia Sportage, Mazda, diesel X-Trail, Kodiaq and Tiguan.

What is the main advantage? The answer is simple: the highest level of reliability. All that will be required to make a car owner — carefully manage the machine and regularly pass the next one.

And on what cars do you drive? If this is Toyota RAV-4, please share the words opinion!