Two Nissan Brand Crossover — Qashqai or X-Trail

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

At first everything was simple and understandable. Need a crossover with good off-road characteristics — buy Nissan X-Trail. If the task is to purchase a compact urban parquetnik — the choice is made in favor of Nissan Qashqai. Just, understandable and convincing. But with the release of updated versions of Qashqai and X-Trail, the Japanese manufacturer made confusion into a slim classification structure. Focus or accidentally? And what did it happen?

This is alerted. The other day published sales results on brand and models in the Russian market from the European Business Association (AEB). V

Today, according to the statements of dealers, there is a pretty process: loyal fans of the brand began to compare cars not with previous versions, but with each other.

It turned out that a ridden look at cars is clearly not enough. The appearance largely became similar. Therefore, buyers began to doubt, making the final choice.

Well, we will help to figure it out. And we will compare according to the following parameters:

Appearance or exterior.

The headlights of the dryer are more «tracked», and the X-Trail is strict straight. The crossover has rails, and the Parquarter is highlighted in a wider plastic stroke and the presence of an aerodynamic skirt


Qashqai salons and X-TRAIL are 99%. Everything is perfectly perfect, materials are excellent in quality. But on noise insulation it would be worth working more thoroughly.

Acceleration and dynamics.

If you compare a car with the same engines and a properly configured transmission, then acceleration from Nissan Qashqai is better. Everything is simple: weight is almost 200 kg less! The engine efficiency in the dryer is a bit (insignificant) above.

The quality of the transmission.

Most cars are equipped with variasts. There is a lot of complaints to their quality and reliability. Low reliability is a common drawback. If you have to travel frequently, use the simple advice — buy Qashqai or X-Trail on mechanics.

Management efficiency.

Both cars are collected on a single platform. Accordingly, the drive is similar, you can generalize — before us typical crossovers.

Comfort level.

On a smooth high-quality road, comfort can be appreciated by the firm «five.» But the ride on the Colds and pins shows that the designers have more than working. Moreover, in both models of cars.


Both cars are estimated at a firm four. But if you look at Casca, it will be cheaper, and more compact. At the same time, «X» is more expensive, but more, more convenient and more spacious. Excellent option for long journeys.