UAZ Prof — a hybrid version that will find his buyer


At the end of 2019, official representatives of the Ulyanovsky Automobile Plant are repeatedly (including, in an interview with journalists of the publication «behind the wheel»), they declared the emergence of a new hybrid model of the popular UAZ «Profi» truck. Different dates are called 2020-2021. But for a number of reasons, the launch of the hybrid is postponed, and one of the leading domestic automakers continues to focus on the release of gasoline and methane versions.

But the prototype «Profi» with a hybrid installation was demonstrated back in 2018. It is noteworthy that this model that caused a rustling interest in many of our compatriots (first of all, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs) is a joint product. In addition to engineers-designer-designers, specialists of the Moscow Institute «We» took part in the development of a new version of the truck.

The situation with the delay of the release of «hybrid» commented on the press service of the UAZ plant. It was noted that management understands all the prospects for the use of alternative type of drive, but the rate is decided to make more traditional types of fuel, such that are already used in the gas-substitution modifications of a number of cars of the OAZ family. The appropriate statement published the Russian Gazeta newspaper.

It turns out that it is not necessary to wait for the emergency appearance of an announced hybrid. Moreover, in August 2021, the dealers of the Ulyanovsk manufacturer began to sell «patriots» and «pickups» of the brand with the CNG prefix. It indicates that the SUV and the truck is capable of working on gasoline, and on liquefied natural gas. Here you and turn!

And what about the hybrid?

It will not be superfluous to remind some of the UAZ pro with a hybrid engine declared earlier by the developer. So:

The power plant is a combination consisting of atmospheric engine, a volume of 2.3 liters (power 131 hp) and an electric motor that issues another 126 «horses».

In the full «power» kit includes a battery, as well as a 6-speed box-machine.

Operating modes options: gasoline, electric and mixed.

The maximum distance that the hybrid is able to drive at one refueling is 855 km, on a clean electric traction, while only 74 km.

acceleration to speed at 100 km / h is enough «cheerful» — only 10.7 seconds.

When using a mixed mode, gasoline consumption will be no more than 7.6 liters per 100 km of way.

What can be concluded? Prospects for the model undoubtedly have. Obviously, a large group of freight carriers may be interested in a novelty for which current environmental limitations in large megalopolis.