UAZ Profi with different body options — for all occasions

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

The partnership of the legendary auto plant of UAZ with the company «AVTOD» brings tangible fruits. The benefits of such cooperation is obvious. And first of all, for motorists who have more and more opportunities to choose.

The latest development is a multifunctional van, developed on the basis of the users of the UAZ «Profi» model! According to the manufacturer, a novelty can be used as a basic car for various special services, communal services, small entrepreneurs, farmers and just individuals.

Basic equipment

The new van in terms of technical equipment is practically nothing to differ from the current model UAZ «PROFI». The base of the vehicle will be a durable steel frame, which is installed in a special module of high-quality plastic. The internal finish of the van provides for the presence of high-strength coverage-resistant coating, as well as — wrapping from moisture-resistant plywood.


The new van on the basis of «Profi» is equipped with a two-row cabin, which will be decorated in two versions:

with the back, rising by the door;

with three opening flaps.

The remaining part of the body can be accommodated about 5 m cubic meters. cargo. If necessary, you can connect additional electrical equipment using a regular connector that is included in the basic equipment of all models of the «Profi» brand.

Standard UAZ pro complement the rails on the roof of the van. Included with the cross-installed crossings, an additional platform is obtained on which another 50 kg can be fixed. cargo. The main thing is not to forget about increasing the height and not getting stuck under the next «bridge of nonsense.

Version specifically for autotourism

The development of tourist variation of the van ends. Inside will be at least 2 or more sleeping places, wardrobe, window curtains, additional lighting.

Well, the car will lead a modified motor from the ZMZ, with a capacity of 149 hp, quite economical and hardy! Transmission Traditional — 5-speed mechanics, as well as a full drive system.

The driver’s seat is all that is necessary for comfort and controlling dear

The more different options for such trucks appear on the market, the better motorists, drivers, entrepreneurs and managers.