UAZ suffers disaster.

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

At the recently held exhibition, ComTrans 2021 unexpectedly in one of the exhibition stands was shown … UAZ Patriot. Ulyanovsk plant usually does not take part in this forum of freight and commercial vehicles. However, UAZ Patriot caused great interest of visitors. And there is from what. They suddenly found out that the car here has appeared here thanks to WEICHAI-RUS, which is the distributor of the Chinese Motor Loyel Giant Weichai Power Co.

The exhibition UAZ in the engine compartment was the youngest diesel from the Weichai WP 2.3 line. Today there is no diesel engine in the motor gamma of Ulyanovsk all-terrain vehicles. And the distributors of the Chinese company decided this issue in the hope of correcting the situation and offered their own. This is a four-cylinder power unit, a volume of 2.3 liters, with a turbocharger and a system of Common Rail, the developing capacity of 110 hp. and a torque of 280 nm at 1600 rpm. The engine is aggregated with the Chinese five-speed manual box Fast Gear 5JT38T.

This is not the first case when a foreign diesel engine is installed on UAZ cars. If you go to storehouses of our memory, you can remember how Polish Andoria engines, French Peugeot XD2, Italian VM and IVECO F1A installed on Ulyanovsk all-terrains. Also in Sollers, the owner of the UAZ and the Motor Plant in Zero from 2012 began to produce Diesel ZMZ-514. But for some reason already in 2016, the release of UAZ was discontinued with this engine. According to the testimony of the management of the enterprise, Diesel turned out to be expensive in production.

And now the Chinese diesel engines are asked to Ulyanovtsy. Many at the exhibition stand, considering the «patriot» concluded that the engine implantation passed along the path of least resistance. Virtually no interference in the design of the car. The fact is that after the adoption of the technical regulations on the safety of wheel vehicles, it was impossible to make any changes in the design. In general, it remains only to certify the car and put on the conveyor.

But just the desire of the very Ulyanovsky automaker is not yet observed. So the prospects for the installation of WEICHAI diesel engines on UAZ Patriot are quite ghostly. Recall today UAZ Patriot is equipped with a 2.7-liter ZMZ Pro gasoline engine with a capacity of 150 hp

But at what interesting moment I want to pay attention. Two years ago, a promising project «Russian Prado» was widely advertised. This is deeply upgraded UAZ Patriot, who had to get several motors, modern options, to become safe due to a modified frame and get many other design improvements. In the automotive media, it was announced weekly and published photos from the Rospatent base, which show individual elements of the exterior and the interior of the new SUV. Our channel also had a new «Russian Prado». But today the project is actually closed. Since investment needs to be implemented. And already invested investments in the amount of 3 billion rubles. I had to write off.

The fact that the financial situation of the Ulyanovsk Plant has worsened noticeably testifies not only the impossibility of continuing to work on the project «Russian Prado». About the difficult situation speaks and penetrating the press information that the search for a foreign partner is being found so that a foreign model of the crossover / SUV can be prescribed on the UAZ conveyor, and the like.

It turns out that the real negotiations were held with a long-standing partner «Sollers» by the Japanese company ISUZU. But in all likelihood, the negotiations went to a dead end.

In addition, according to the DROM resource, Sollers actively continues to search for a partner who can be implemented by a problem asset. Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant turned out to be a «suitcase without a handle», which is sorry to quit, and it is hard to carry. The company could close the plant, but this is a loud event will make the effect of a broken bomb and affects the «Sollers» reputation. This is still the main asset of the company that has a number of joint ventures with Mazda, Isuzu. But in order to save UAZ need billion in the development of new models, and such risks did not want the company, since it has a number of investment projects, including Aurus, the organization of Ford diesel engines in Elabuga. And these are promising projects that can give a high economic effect.

What will be further with Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, what is the fate of his models, can the enterprise be able to resist afloat and adequately come out of the crisis. We will see answers to all these questions in the very near future.