UAZ two-sighted against Gazelle — Battle of Russian Trucks!


Russia has traditionally high demand for light trucks with duplex tires on the back bridge. But it so happened that almost all existing suggestions are monophoders. And the palm of championship here, of course, behind the gazelles. But a all-wheel drive cargo SUV with a total weight of 3.5 tons appeared on the market. Meet the UAZ trucks two-year-old Prof series!

First round of confrontation

He fell for 2017, when the first serial UAZ Profi came out from the Ulyanovsky Automobile. Manufacturers positioned it as a competitor to Gazelle Business. But this duel was won by «Old-timers» with a huge margin. For 2019 it was sold:

Gazelle (including NEXT) — 44 thousand;

UAZ PROF — 2.7 thousand.

! 6-fold advantage, what was there to talk about.

A new version

To the honor of the losing side, it must be said that they did not lower their hands, but began to look for ways and ways to impose a competitive struggle. As a result, Ulyanovsk was developed and submitted to the public a new modification of the truck — UAZ Beach Second.

Let’s see what designers offer, confident that this time, success will be exactly on their side.

The most important, key difference between the new UAZ one-sided — duplex rear Oshinovka. In total, the car has 6 wheels instead of 4. Changed (reduced their dimension -195/75 R16. Part of the UAZ trucks made all-wheel drive, and here they retained the former wheel size: 225/75 R16. And there is also a version of the car with an elongated wheelbase.


To get ahead of the Gazelle or, at least, to make decent competition, the developers of the new car seriously tried. Changes in the database, the interior and exterior appeared a lot. Most significant:

DVS on the UAZ trucks left the former — 2.7 l zmz, with a capacity of 150 hp Transmission — 5-speed MCPP DYMOS. Users can order at the factory Version UAZ Owlik, operating on the biofuel. The power of this option is slightly less — 143 hp

As for the shape and size, the dimensions of the car remained the same, but a little wheelbase has changed, which has become wider than 3 cm.

Rich equipment

Finally, the domestic manufacturer understood that it was not worth saving on comfort. And here the UAZ receives an important advantage. After all, the driver’s airbag appears in the basic configuration of the truck, the ABS system, which has repeatedly proven its effectiveness, adjustable in 2 directions of the steering column, and the like.

And at an additional fee, you can get an exclusive version of the configuration, which includes such an important detail as the ergonomic driver’s seat. Add here the availability of air conditioner, heating the windshield, heating all the seats …! Obviously, this car should dial the Gazelle market. Or make gas engineers also more actively engage in work.

But this is exactly what we need, drivers!

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