Unique development — whether designer tires will improve car characteristics

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

What such tuning knows almost every modern motorist. And many of us tried to «finalize» their «iron horse» to one way or another. Most often, such tuning is being made in relation to cars of the Russian car industry. But there are lovers of «alterations» of different brands and models of cars, from Toyota Land Cruiser to Mercedes-Benz Gelendwagen.

Now buy a useful or spectacular addition to the car does not represent complexity. Enough to have money and desire. Most often, manufacturers and owners make a special emphasis on making changes to the appearance of the vehicle.

And so it’s noteworthy: it has been proven that to give uniqueness to the car, making it more sporty or brutal, by changing the shape of the wheels and the size of the wheels. It is the wheels that can transform the style of the car, create a completely new image.

You should pay tribute to modern car designers. They offer a fairly large selection of innovative tire models, which not only have a stylish, spectacular, expressive appearance, but also characterized:

high reliability;


Environmental safety.

But in the modern world, all these parameters are extremely important!

Already, specialists have developed unique projects of tires for cars, which have a unique appearance and a structure that fully the stereotypes that have developed in the past decades.

Perspective model Dakar

A characteristic feature of this designer development is a special hexagonal pattern of the tread. This allows the car easily moving along any types of surfaces. Riding over rough terrain on such tires is ideal conditions to demonstrate the benefits of unique development.

The main difference of the model is autonomous hexagonal blocks with separate air chambers. They make up the basis of the tread. And if the puncture happens, then you need to change not all the wheel, but one block, which is easier, and faster and cheaper!

To increase load — Twell tires

Also promising development from Michelin. Here the wheel itself leads a car in motion due to a special electric motor. You can use the model to ensure the work of the suspension and increase the efficiency of TC braking.

For tuning lovers — Maxplo

The model was developed by the South Korean Kumho brand and is airless transformer tires. The characteristic feature of the tread is the ability to adapt to any road conditions. At the same time, the manufacturer guarantees an increase in tire clutch with road web.

I wonder if any development is conducted in this direction in Russia? We are talking about it, unfortunately, nothing is known!