Unique-ugly trucks of the Epoch of developed Socialism

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Unfortunately, our auto industry cannot effectively compete with leading world leaders in the production of passenger cars. But our trucks confidently chase not only on Russian roads (and off-road), but also in many countries of the world.

Who knows, perhaps success in this segment of the automotive industry was laid during the active construction of socialism in the USSR! As if the period of development did not criticize contemporaries, but in the production of trucks, the breakthrough was made precisely during the existence of the Soviet Union.

But what is interesting: along with ideas and decisions that served as the basis for development, such «original» developments, which otherwise, as wonderful you will not call!

In the heads of truck designers, a variety of original and unexpected ideas appeared. But what is interesting: it was during this period that such ideas did not remain on paper, but turned into real copies of techniques made of metal, glass and wood. Surprisingly, there are many such «miracle trucks» entered the mass production.

Let’s get acquainted with some of the most spectacular (ridiculous, unusual, original, wonderful) samples.

We are-076 Ermak

Work on this truck is almost 60 years ago. This is a truly unique truck. The huge «Ermak» had a calculated load capacity of 45 tons and was equipped with the most powerful at that time the 300-power engine of the Yaroslavl Motor Plant (YAMZ). Many of our readers will be survived, but in 1963, a hydromechanical three-step transmission was used in the design of this truck.

Given the heroic past, this car was created specifically for military needs, and also tried as a tractor and forestry.

And now the most interesting thing is: the designers accepted a very unusual engineering solution — to use water-cooled disc brakes !!! True, this model did not go to the series. Even at the test stage, it was necessary to abandon the exotic option and establish standard drum brakes. But the very idea of what is worth it !!!

We-076 Ermak was transferred to the Mogilev Automobile Plant, where the MEAS-7411 was released on its base. This car has been developed as a forestry and as a dump truck. But something went wrong, and did not go to the serial production of Ermak.

MAZ-7907 — «Rocket-Saroenian»

This truck, of course, is not 40 killed, but a little less — only 24! And the technical characteristics of the car are perceived as science fiction. Judge you:

the length of the MAZ-7907 is 28 meters;

Wheel formula — 24×24 (all twenty-four wheels — leading! Imagine what transmission should provide such a running?!);


All-wheel drive rocket carriage on 12 axes was built and commissioned in 1985. The chassis of the cargo «Monster» was shared in half with the help of a hinge joint, and the controlled axes were only eight: four in front and the same from behind!

This car could easily carry a missile mass of more than 150 tons. And the gas turbine was used as a power unit, the power of which was 1250 hp.

Now experts confidently declare that the main error of the designers who created this car is the choice of electrical transmission. «Weak link» — the drive that was displayed on each individual wheel.

Total 2 such cars were built!

Et-500 (600), a truck with a motorcycle engine

This compact truck was designed at the Tallinn Automobile Union of Consumer Societies. In total, 35 cars were released in a semi-artistic way, but they did not get into mass production. The reason is the lack of demand. Although the model had such solutions that were later popular:

front-wheel drive;

independent front suspension;

A folding cabin made from lightweight, but very durable fiberglass.

Of course, in the design of the ET-600, systems from other cars were used: the engine from Zaporozhets, the brakes from Moskvich. The period of production and operation of these «dwarfs» — 1965-1969.