Updated Lada Granta — step forward or two back?!


When at sunset of the Soviet era, the domestic auto industry has released a new VAZ-2108, VAZ-2109 and their modifications, only the lazy «old-timer» did not criticize them. Even such an opinion that was constructed by a woman who takes little in modern technique was constructed. Front-wheel drive for us was a real nonsense. But almost immediately, the newcomers of the Volga auto plant appeared the army of supporters and their number grew in geometric progression.

Why do we tell you all this? Something similar accompanies the appearance, the formation and development of Lada Granta. This car, referring to the category of budget, is of great popularity in our country not only thanks to a bargainable price, but also due to quite high quality characteristics. Although the low cost becomes the main factor in popularity. From here the manufacturer thinks: «So you will buy» and do not hurry to invest in the update. And buyers are content with low price and ready to forgive various technical, technological and operating costs.

Nevertheless, in order to remain at the top of the demand alone is clearly not enough. You still need to keep up with the times. But here comes into progress. Invested funds in the facelifting should be disconnected, and this, accordingly, will affect the price.

Despite the minimum cost (the price of basic versions of the car ranges from 570-723 thousand rubles.), Lada Granta, presented in the domestic market in various versions of the body (sedan, hatchback, wagon and even Liftbek), successfully competes with such foreign cars as :

Renault Logan,

Renault Sandero,

ушедшими Datsun Mi-DO, Datsun On-DO.

Let’s see what can change in an updated car, which will remain in the AvtoVAZ manufacturing program for a few more years.

Well known to us the models have quite a lot of significant drawbacks. This is a morally obsolete design of a block-cylinder, and forever «sinking» into the movement transmission, and the mass of other «sins».

The updated Lada Granta in an idea should get rid of many missing deficiencies. But this is the problem: elimination of all existing problems leads to the fact that the machine turns almost into the full analogue of the Logan, even if they are somewhat redesigned.

That you correct us correctly, we are not talking about a new car, which will be built on the new CMF-B platform. It will be another Granta-2023, it can even change the name. Of course, the new Lada Granta-New will be larger and more spacious. And also — the motorists will have the opportunity to choose motors (according to information in the engine compartment there will be several motors with a volume of 1.6 liters — 90 hp, 106 hp, 113 hp, possibly other power units). But enough about a promising car, let’s still talk about oligation.

These question ask themselves many today, after it became known that AvtoVAZ will not resign the current Lada Granta, and simply moves its production to the third thread of the conveyor, freeing the place under the «Xrani» GRANTA-NEW’s current production building.

The question is not idle. Remember, recently one of the top managers of the enterprise said that a few years ago it was decided to extend the Lada Priora life cycle, which used by good demand. Even under this update began to allocate funds. But the French cartridges cut the limits of the means and the meaning of work on the proira-FL facelifting did not. And in vain.

Slightly dreaming, what do you need to change in the existing classic Granta to increase the duration of its life cycle?

Main changes:

Motor compartment.


Progress on the grant, for sure, will be obvious. And this is undoubtedly a step forward. But, the model will turn into Logan. But the most important question. How much will such oligation cost? How will it affect the price of a car? Will this facelifting of a loyal audience? Will the fate of Lada Priora oligation be repeated?

There are many questions, in two years we will know all the answers.