Updated Lada Largus Cross — Whether the car has better

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Of course, recently, AvtoVAZ has learned quite well to work out new auto models, creating some similarity of new niches for the market. It is even better to quickly occupy these niches, with minimal financial expenses. It is worth remembering Kalina Sport and Granta Sport, to which the updated version of Drive Active (of course, after restyling).

Among the leaders in successful update, Lada Largus Cross is listed. This car for more than 10 years was operated by thousands of car owners who fell in love with the car and accustomed to, adapted to all its flaws. If you had to ride such a car, then you understand me perfectly.

And here AvtoVAZ engineers made a real, almost «royal» gift. For the first time in 10 years, high-quality, full restyling was held, as a result of which an almost fully updated Largus Cross appeared.

Some pick-up motorists celebrate the car’s nervousness, as a result of which they have to park at home or in the parking lot at the shopping center is a whole problem.

In fact, experienced drivers declare that the notorious nervousness of the car is rather a contrived problem. Just a couple of days a ride, and no difficulties will be, if, of course, you have sufficient experience in managing cars in general.

And what at a more detailed approximation

Obviously, the designers actively worked the «front» of the car. Facelifting Largus Cross is performed very well. When considering a car in front (just like Lada Niva Travel), the feeling that you are a completely new model.

In fact, the technically updated new Largus Cross is not much different from those models that the factory produces in Tolyatti. Therefore, the manufacturer, without changing the principal scheme, special attention was paid to appearance, improving the cabin, as well as the installation of a new power unit.

Of course, those car owners who have already managed to buy Lada Largus Cross, see positive changes in the cabin. But with a detailed consideration it becomes noticeable that a lot taken with the renault of the previous version.

Now the happy owners of Largus are available most cabin options, from comfortable, comfortable chairs, to a significant improvement in noise insulation.

Of course, there is still something on what, but now changes in the interior of the new Largus Cross give us hope!

New Motor — the subject of special pride

Of course, the power unit remained the same, but there was a significant upgrade. Now it is easily developing power in 90 hp

Comparative analysis

It is interesting to note that despite the significant changes in the interior and exterior, the improvement of the technical characteristics of this model (in contrast, for example, from a new duster) remains in its niche. Both price and the corresponding model range. But here’s a comparison with other brands of cars released in Tolyatti, Lada Largus Cross, undoubtedly wins!