Updated Lada Niva Bronno — 8 options for a popular SUV

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

A few days ago, the specialized car portal 110km.ru reported on the start of sales in the dealer centers of the LADA autocontraser’s updated SUV NIVA BRONTO. And one more pleasant to fans of the domestic car industry news — the starting price for the car, even taking into account all the updates, there will be less psychological mark of 1 million rubles (more precisely — 917,000 rubles).

Let’s see what has changed in this model and listen to the opinions of some specialists.

Recall that AvtoVAZ began accepting applications for a novelty — SUV NIVA BRONTO was back at the end of July. The basis for the model served as the 3-door Niva Legend, but not in the basic, as it happens usually, but the maximum configuration. That is, all users will certainly be available such options such as air conditioning and rearview mirrors and seats.

The manufacturer offers a car in two main versions:


It provides for standard metal bumpers, rails, as well as wheel arch expansion. The car is installed 15-inch wheels with MT tires.


In addition to the above options, users will be available here with an improved appearance using the original radiator lattice, as well as massive bumpers from high-strength plastic. The kit also provides effective protection of thresholds, plastic lining inside the wheeled arches, as well as fog lights.

Improved permeability will provide a little more enlarged ground clearance (up to 240 mm)!

For Lada Niva BRONTO there are 8 different versions, including, including the installation of additional certified equipment (for example, the light panel on the roof). You can also order an original special color «Camouflage».

Significantly transformed the car. What is the integration of a fully new dashboard with a modern and highly efficient climate system, the «ERA-GLONASS» kit, as well as a package of improved noise protection and vibration insulation. Provided an impressive series of style and technical updates.

Of course, the main focus manufacturer makes no analogue parameters of the pavement, the ability to «knead dirt» and leaving the winner of the most difficult road situations. Specialists of AvtoVAZ with pleasure reveal the main secret of the car, namely, the installation of self-locking screw differentials in the front and rear axles. The effect also provides the main pair with an increased gear ratio of 4.1.

Despite immediately 8 options for the configuration of the domestic SUV, the price variation is minimal: from 917 thousand to 1 million 27 thousand rubles.

More accurate proposal was revealed by journalists of the popular publication «Lada.online». So, in front of us 8 varieties of one car — SUV LADA NIVA BRONTO (plus prices):

1) Started version of «Lux», about the completeness and price has already been previously said. Do not repeat.

2) «Lux» with cross-shirt and headlights will cost 945 tr.

3) «Lux» with coloring under the «camouflage» is sold at a price of 947 thousand.

4) The maximum option of equipment will cost 972 thousand rubles.

Next step — «Prestige»:

5) Original finish from black plastic Increase the cost of cars to 973,000 rubles.

6) Installation with headlights will add another 25 tr.

7) Add coloring and cost per 1 million.

8) The maximum «prestige» will cost 1.027,000 rubles.

It is noteworthy that, commenting on not so long ago, the situation in the world and domestic automotive markets, the head of «Rostech» S. Chezovov made a very loud statement. The official suggested that Russian cars of the Lada brand practically do not infergency in terms of the quality of the American Ford, nor South Korean Kia. And I do not have to talk about Chinese cars at all.

We also believe in our Russian car industry, but we do it carefully, with a loaf!