Updated Range Rover Velar — Spin to Perfection


Time flies rapidly and inexorably counts the days and weeks. It seems we recently enjoyed the perfection of the Range Rover Velar car, but more than three and a half years have passed. The car is still considered the top of perfection, what can be improved here? And whether you need!

Similarly, engineers are constructors who created this real auto sophose. The company does not plan to conduct any restyling in the near future. But the definite modernization may be quite by the way. Moreover, changes, improvements are made in strict accordance with the spirit of time. So the planned changes touched:

expansion of power units used;

Interior transformations.

The list of motors installed on the new VELAR will include several full hybrid versions immediately. And the main novelty will be a modification with a full charge

Of course, buy velar in Russia with an electric motor will want a few. It affects the absence of relevant infrastructure, as well as a decent service. But while our motorists can enjoy Range Rover in the traditional «force» equipment.

Look under the hood

The new version of the RangerVer- Velar P400E is equipped with a gasoline turbo motor, a capacity of 300 l / s and an electric motor, adding another 143 «horses». So overclock the car up to 100 km / h in 5.4 s — quite real! The battery is not yet able to provide a full «electric trag», but a little more than 50 km car drives.

A little less «smart» diesel engine, acceleration from which up to hundreds is 6.4 s.

In general, the manufacturer offers more than 6 different variants of power units, so choose, still, will be from what.

And what else will change?

The list is quite solid. Judge for yourself:

Fully new, ergonomic steering wheel.

Effective selector «Machine».

Novyechayysa Medist System.

Advanced air purification system in the cabin.

For the most expensive version of the Auto Edition, 20-inch wheels are provided, as well as the exclusive body color of Lantau Bronze.

When you can try

The sale of the new car Range Rover Velar P400E on the European car market has already begun. But our compatriots will be able to get acquainted with this model, most likely, only a year — in the spring 2022. We will have to wait. Or maybe during this time our auto industry will come up with something worthwhile. Like Aurus, but only for the people?!