Ural is ready to «closer» with Kamaz on construction sites and on the road

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Almost unnoticed, without excessive noise, the Ural automotive plant is trying to increase its share in the country’s cargo market in the road segment. Recently, the factory, now belonging to the OMG («United Engineering Group» Dmitry Strezhnev) showed a tractor that became the development of a new series of bad-minded Ural road cars. Our channel drew attention to the new models of Ural trucks and found out with whom they will compete.

Avtozavod in the city of Miass (Chelyabinsk region), known for its all-wheel drive trucks for off-road, has long wanted to fully enter the niche of bad roads.

The first «swallow» family of non-receipt dump trucks became the model of the Ural C35510. We wrote about the presentation and the first sales of this construction dump truck. The dump truck with a 20-cubic body already finds its buyers.

In turn, at the last exhibition ComTrans 2021 Urals showed

The new dump truck is equipped with Turbodiesel YMZ-536 (328 hp) and a 9-speed manual transmission. The dumping platform has a volume of 14 cubic meters. The new dump truck can be equipped with a modernized cabin as a short type and a long with a sleeping place. It is understood that this model exceeds for a number of characteristics KAMAZ dump truck model 65115.

Here it is necessary to make a slight retreat. The fact is that OMG has recently been like the owner of the Ural author’s owner and owns almost a half shares of the Yaroslavl Motor Plant. Therefore, it is not to be surprised that for new dump trucks there is a bet on the power units of the YAMZ.

Further, the Urals brought and showed a new chassis of the Ural C34520 with an elongated base. A variety of superstructures in the form of a CMU and other lifting equipment (truck cranes, auto-shots) can be installed on the car.

But the most interesting in our opinion is a tractor. No, it is not intended for long-haul traffic. It is rather a worker for the city and the nearby shoulder of transportation, for example, to carry a brick from the factory to the construction site, or the base. So, we are talking about the new three-axle saddle tractor Ural C35410 (6×4).

Do not be surprised, in the engine compartment, the YAMZ-653 engine, which develops the capacity of 420 hp Chinese Hande bridges, Fast Gear FG 12JS 220TA gearbox. Suspension Spring, behind Balancer.

The tractor is designed for a full mass of 33.500 kg and is capable of working in the composition of the automotive train by a permissible total weight of 75.000 kg. That is, it’s just a tractor, inexpensive, no complaints.

The exposition of Urals on ComTrans was quite modest, unlike KAMAZ. But another exhibit has become a combination-road machine on the basis of the Ural S35510 serial dump truck. Her release was mastered by Mercator Holding (Kaluga). The new CDM is designed for the all-season maintenance of roads with a solid coating, mainly for country tracks. In winter, it is the purification of the road leaf from the freshly empty snow, the removal of the roller, as well as the distribution of antifungal materials, including the sand-salt mixture and liquid reagents. The car will be in demand in the regions.