Users in an open letter criticized Xiaomi and complained about MIUI


    Recently, the Chinese company Xiaomi has been having problems with its proprietary MIUI shell based on Android. Numerous malfunctions when launching an update, constant problems with the quality and efficiency of updates distribution, accusations of spying on users and, of course, annoying built-in ads. Add to this the division of users by region, when the owners of global models get new features later than Chinese users or do not get them at all.

    The patience of Xiaomi mobile users has run out and they are trying to contact Xiaomi to express their dissatisfaction with the company’s attitude towards MIUI. They wrote an open letter to Xiaomi, wanting to get better support from the company for the global versions of MIUI. In their appeal, Mi fans reminded the company that at the dawn of its formation, it set itself the goal of creating high-quality and at the same time affordable devices, one of which was the MIUI proprietary firmware. But recently, the company has begun to move away from this concept. A clear confirmation of this is the global version of the interface, in which a number of Xiaomi branded applications have been replaced by similar programs from Google. But this is not the only drawback of MIUI for the global market. They also include poor optimization, serious bugs, and terrible support. It takes developers months to fix bugs, and users have to endure lags all this time.

    Xiaomi fans ask the company to pay attention to the MIUI problems and emphasize that the Chinese and global versions of the firmware are different, and not in favor of the latter. The functionality of the Chinese version of the interface is richer and more thoughtful, and the firmware itself is more stable. Many problems are connected precisely with optimization, for example, the camera of the Chinese Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro takes photos better than the same smartphone, but for the world market.

    But problems with MIUI are not the only thing that users complain about in their letter. They also expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the company does not bring a large number of its devices to the world market, which are part of the Xiaomi ecosystem, leaving them exclusive to the Middle Kingdom. Also, users are not satisfied with the rise in price of Xiaomi products, because prices are rising, and support and quality are deteriorating. They stated that Xiaomi is no longer a company that produces devices with the best value for money, and where the user and his needs are in the first place, not sales.

    It is hoped that Xiaomi will hear from its customers outside of China and return to its roots by improving product quality and improving software. As they say, wait and see.