VAZ-2121 Niva — 40 years in the way

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

In 2021, the classical Soviet-Russian Niva (VAZ-2121) turned 40 years old. The current name of the basic model is now a little different: Lada 4×4, but from this car did not become worse or less in demand among the multimillion army of our compatriots.

Unfortunately, the time does not spare anyone, and before the anniversary did not survive the chief designer of the car Peter Mikhailovich Prusers. But the leadership management decided to perpetuate the memory of the famous designer engineer and noted the sign anniversary of the legendary SUV. To this end, a limited car series was developed, called 4×4 «40th anniversary». The limited batch consisted of only 1977 units, slightly different from ordinary Lada 4×4 fellow. Basically, all the changes are stylistic, including:

installation of branded nameplates;

a wide range of body painting options;


red and orange color combination of instruments;

Stainless steel thresholds.

I would like to believe that 4×4 «40th anniversary» is only an intermediate stage of development and ahead of the Niva still many discoveries, innovations and examples of dizzying success.

Few people remember that the car was conceived even in the relatively distant 70s of the last century. And before the official birth of the model, the model was required to pass a way for another 7 years filled with painstaking work, finishing, trials, etc. But the result was the highest, the car was «doomed» for a dizzying success, not only in the Soviet Union, but also abroad!

And confirmations of the above great set. During the years of its existence, Niva managed to visit the pickup, and a convertible, there are 3-kdveral and 5-door models. The car showed its best qualities and coped with the assigned tasks as an armored collection of transport, and in addition to the gasoline engine, diesel was also tried. From the achievements of the SUV confirming its highest running qualities, the successful assault of Everest, Tibet and Fuji, the conquest of the North Pole and Antarctica.

For 40 years of active production, more than 2.5 million cars of different configuration were released at the Togliatti plant. The fifth one of them, or rather, 230 thousand, went to export to many countries of the world.

Serial production of VAZ-2121 began in April 1977. It is this car that is considered the first and completely original, designed «from scratch» engineers-designers of the Volga Automobile Plan

In addition to Peter Pruzov, who was the leading designer of the model, the most important functions were assigned to Vladimir Solovyov, who was the main designer and carried the entire burden of responsibility for this development. No less important tasks were performed by Valery Semushkin and Vadim Kotlyarov. The first-card of the Niva, and the second is the leading test.

The car had their own distinctive features. This is: carrying the body, independent suspension and front disc brakes. What is the feature here — our reader will ask? Everything is very simple: these «passengers» attributes were first applied by car of the SUV class. It was one more unusual, but, as practice has shown, the right decision. As a power unit, high-speed internal combustion engine was used. Earlier, exclusively low-speed motors were used for all-terrain vehicles.

The car for many years has become the main export model. There were periods when up to 70% of the annual release of cars was supplied abroad. And for countries such as the United Kingdom and Japan, in the 1980s, «Reloruny Niva» was specifically developed.

And for the conquest of the North Pole and ensuring the livelihoods of the Russian polar station Bellingsgausen in Antarctica, designer engineers created a unique version of «Niva» on huge wheels-all-terrain vehicles.

Over the 40 years of its existence, the development of various vehicles of the car, from the five-door civil version of increased comfort, to special purpose techniques, including:





specialists for the law enforcement;

Medical equipment;

Cars for residents of rescuers and MES.

In total (incl., Unique and even exotic) modifications of this model, there are more than 30 pieces. What does it say about? The popularity of the Niva VAZ-2121, beyond any doubt. And for our, Soviet and Russian auto industry (which is all used to only scold) such a car is a subject of particular pride!

The most important thing is that the new owners of the domestic brand Lada do not want to send a 40-year-old veteran on peace. And beyond the 2024 horizon, Lada Niva Legend production can be continued. And the plans to create a new «Niva», only on the French platform CMF-B. And again, the new Lada Niva even on the French platform plans to conquer overseas markets. So consider Renault Groupe.