We lose them.


The next Japanese brand of cars that began «Sunset» does not even surprise. Such thoughts come when you see the results of the activities of the Japanese brand Nissan in 2021, which became the only one from the top 25 Russian car market, which showed the decline (-2% by the period last year). Moreover, all the automotive stamps in the Russian Federation from Top demonstrated growth.

Note that the same 2 percent recession showed Honda. But the only difference is that Honda gathered at the exit from Russia, and Nissan is not going yet.

As for Nissan specifically, his share in the automotive market of the Russian Federation declined from last year’s 4% to 2.9%. Also expectedly seen the sale of two Nissan Bestsellers —

I would like to hope that with Nissan will not happen many times the observed sequence. As, for example, Honda was: first minus in sales, which spoke that in the proposed model range for Russian motorists something is wrong. Then competitors bypass in the ranking, and the brand is rolled into the category of minor.

It is also worth recalling how in the last few years Nissan «got rid» in its model row from many good models. Remember, was a sedan

Were hatchback

Yes, today there is a question on the crossover

A detailed analysis that we spent for the Nissan brand is not just a special case. The thing is that we found the overall new d

So, for six months, 120 thousand new cars of Japanese marks were sold or 13.7% of the total car. This is one and a half times more than the Chinese sold (5.4%), but it is not easier.

In the same period of 2014, new «Japanese» was sold almost twice as many more — 263 thousand pieces, their share in the Russian market was 21.4%. As you know, the market does not tolerate emptiness: and somewhere decreases, and somewhere he grows. So, the Japanese has someone «biting» a piece of market cake. Partly this is the Chinese whose share, as you know, is growing in Russia. But their indicator is 5.4% not enough to cover Japanese loss. The main beneficiary, and the «Bowls», of course, are Korean brands. If in 2014 their share was 15%, today it increased to 23.1%.

In our material, we «walked» in detail on the model line and politics in the Russian Nissan market. But they missed what moment. There is still Toyota. But it also has questions. Whether the high prices of some models, such as the World Toyota Corolla bestseller, losing all market battles in the size class with the Czech model Skoda Octavia and Koreans Kia Ceed / Cerato. As they write in social networks, the interior design seems to be from the 90s or zero, expensive service, etc. At Toyota, there are two frontman in our market —

In general, if you look at the compiled by us