What car is the most dangerous for pedestrians


It is believed that large powerful cars are the lot of strong men, with character! That is why most motorists prefer crossovers instead of sedans and hatchbacks (a little, but above and more!). But real full-fledged jeeps can afford a few. And Pickups in America are considered at all a car for a farmer or a person who is fond of roads off-road. Gradually, fashion for Pickups moved to Russia. The number of car owners of these, without small trucks, is steadily growing in our country. And this is despite a fairly high level of fuel consumption A and general high cost of content.

Increased risk area

In parallel with increasing the number of pickups on the roads, the danger for pedestrians has sharply increased. Specialists in America estimated that only over the past 10 years the number of accidents involving pickups with fatal pedestrians, increased by almost 50%. What are the reasons for this growth?

Everything is very simple. The manufacturers did not think on time to include in the construction of a car of this model range, a sufficient number of options, security systems. Initially, a set of such systems was more than meager.

In recent years, the Pickup in America has become even higher, increased in size (more than 10%) the edge of the hood, the exhaust mass of a large and powerful car increased to a quarter.

Conducted by specialists from the study of pickups of various manufacturers’ firms show the presence of impressive «blind» zones on both sides of the body. There is a clear lack of systems such as a pedestrian recognition on the road, automatic braking, etc.

The situation is gradually changing

Nevertheless, the first leaders appear. The first on security technologies for pickups began to actively work such autohygids as Honda, Nissan, Toyota.

Experts are confident: as soon as Pickups become more modern and perfect in terms of active and passive security, the situation will change dramatically. All the possibilities of auto hydriants for breakthrough in this direction are available.

So in Russia, pickups will become more secure. And this is very important if we take into account the features of our mentality!