What if on the car refused brakes — a few lifhacks who save lives


Undoubtedly, the brake system is an essential structural element of any modern car. Not only the integrity of the vehicle depends on its reliability and reliability, but the life of the driver, passengers, other road participants itself.

In order to ensure the proper operation of the brakes, it is important to maintain all the components and aggregates in good condition, regularly undergo maintenance, and with the slightest suspicion — to put a car to the «joke» until the system is fully inspected.

Most car owners know and strictly fulfills all the above requirements. But sometimes, right during the movement of the car there are various unforeseen circumstances, including those associated with the refusal of the brakes.

The first thing that every driver needs to know and understand is inappropriate! The trouble has already happened and lose complete control over the situation — means only to aggravate the situation even more.

The following conscious decision is to search for ways and methods that allow as soon as possible to stop the owl vehicle. It is necessary to do this in such a way as not to harm the life and health of other drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

Strengthening the traffic control and keeping the search for a convenient place for an forced emergency stop, follows one quick movement to press the alarm sign. It will help other participants of DD see that with your car something will not try to increase the interval, distance, etc.

How can you stop the car in practice? There are several ways. We list the main ones:

Of course, stop the car, lost the brakes difficult. Most likely, the car will receive certain body damage. But it is better than an accident with severe consequences for the driver and others!

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