What motors will leave Lada

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

During the presentation of the prospects for the «large family» of the French automaker, Renault Groupe sounded at first glance, quite strange information that few people were interested. The head of the Luka De Meo concern told that by 2025

Is it really for cars that will go from the conveyors of the enterprise in Russian Tolyatti treated motors who are today installed on the new generation of Dacia Sandero Romanian cars and Dacia Logan? Recall that today these cars are produced with a «dead» three-cylinder engine of 0.9 liters, developing 65 hp Another power unit is a 90-strong 1-liter motor. To see on your car one of these engines for the Russian, it is definitely to apply a psychological trauma with incomprehensible consequences.

Lada’s new promising cars, built on the new modular French platform CMF-B, and which will see the light very soon in 2023-2024, these motors will be installed in accordance with the concept of Renaulution, told by the top manager of Luka De Meo to reduce motor diversity Renault Groupe? This question required immediate response. And he finally sounded.

The other day, all doubts dispelled the factory corporate multi-line Volzhsky Autostructor. She said: «

Wow seems to be exhaled with relief. It is clear about which motors are we talking about.

Today, AvtoVAZ basic is an 8-valve 1.6 liter engine, which develops 90 hp, which has been assigned a new index

In the coming years, a 16-valve engine with a volume of 1.8 liters will be upgraded. True, not yet reported, whether 14 hp will be Increased the power of the 1.8 L motor, which was mentioned earlier in insider information.

Also, the corporate publication reported: «

That is, summing up when the new generation Lada Granta New will go on sale in 2023 (according to Renaulution plan), for retention of the price in its engine compartment, we will see the familiar VAZ-11182 and VAZ-21127.

By the way, the French Motor H4M (Former Nissanovsky HR16) will remain in the work on AvtoVAZ. It will be put by the base for the new generation of Lada Niva, it may appear in the open space of the new generation car Granta New. Also on this new SUV NIVA will establish upgraded domestic 1.8 liters,

However, this is a familiar theme when on a car built on a foreign platform, the domestic engine is incorporated. Several years ago, domestic engines were installed on cars Lada Largus and Lada Xray, with one goal, to keep the price tag in the sizes acceptable to the Russian buyer. Recall, the reason for which prices were climbed sharply upwards became the devaluation of the national currency in 2014-2015. And the H4M motor at that time was not yet flat.

But here is another sensation, which recently, at the end of May, appeared in Internet resources. It says that specialists of the AvtoVAZ Scientific and Technical Center (NTC) and Renault are working on adaptation «

Immediately began guesses: what is this engine? The very first assumption that this is a 1.3-liter turbocharged Renault and Daimler H5ht, which today is installed only on Renault crossovers (ARKANA, KAPTUR, DUSTUR models) manufactured on

But now nothing is clear with the localization of this engine. Does any economic meaning have to start the production of this power unit at AvtoVAZ capacities? Today, this motor comes from the Spanish Renault plant in Valladolid. There is a powerful engine production, one of the largest in Europe. And this company will well be able to ensure the needs of AvtoVAZ in this power unit. But then there will be no special flow dam (SPIK), according to which the domestic automaker has pledged to localize another engine of foreign developments in its capacities in addition to Renault H4M (113-117 hp).

However, within the framework of the new business unit created in Renault Groupe, which includes the Romanian Dacia and the Russian LADA, a completely different solution can be made regarding the localization of a new motor. Here is an intrigue, because now our AvtoVAZ will have to live

Recall that motor production of AvtoVAZ is designed to issue 1 million engines of domestic development and 300 thousand engines of the Renault-Nissan Alliance.