What were the first mass Soviet SUVs — the evolution of development


Some of our compatriots criticize the huge spending of the budget for the armed forces. They believe that such expenses are nothing more than «money for wind». In fact, everything is not so simple and definitely. There are a lot of examples when the development of the defense industry became useful and in demand in civil and production life. An excellent example is army SUVs who have successfully exploited in national economy and households.

The specificity of the Soviet economy (namely during this period of development of the country, most models were issued) the domestic auto industry designed, developed and released quite some cars. The most «iconic» of them are SUVs designed for the needs of the Soviet Army, a gas and UAZ family. The reasons for «People’s Love» are obvious to these machines: a huge number of difficult places, as well as the traditionally poor condition of the roads in the country.

There are quite a lot about these cars, but not everyone knows how many different branches had army jeeps of the times of «developed socialism». We offer to familiarize yourself with some of the most interesting models that have been particularly popular and popular not only in the Union, but also abroad!

The first mass SUV in the USSR: GAZ-69

This is the most massive car of the model range, produced in the country from 1953 to 1973. For 20 years, the auto industry has released more than 600 thousand cars. Their main purpose is to satisfy the needs of the Armed Forces. Here, GAZ-69 was in demand as a boat car and (attention!) Artillery tractor. Of course, the guns of that period significantly differed from modern samples, were easier and more compact. But the fact that the «Gazik» is capable of towing in bad roads trailer, impressive!

About 40% of all GAZ-69 cars fell on the needs of the national economy. Most often, the head of the collective farms, agronomists, police officers could be seen. In their form and design, the SUV was larger than its prototype — GAZ-67.

This car was actively used in wartime, along with American «Willisms», who arrived in Land Lisa.

However, the updated version of GAZ-69 high level of comfort did not differ. It was this model that was given, partly an unfair nickname «Kozlik»!

The design of the car, speech about GAZ-69, was as simple as possible and uncomplicated, even taking into account the mid-20th century. The basis, or as they would now be told the «trolley» was an ordinary steel frame with slightly finalized bridges on the springs of a semi-elliptical design. As a force unit, a lower engine was used, developed for «victory», 2.2 liters and a capacity of 50 hp.

The gearbox is a three-stage, and an original dispensing box is installed to enhance the pavement, providing the front axle connection and included a reduced transmission.

Initially, the car was produced on gas, because his designers developed a new model. But after a year, in 1954, the production was transferred to Ulyanovsk.

The prototype of future modern crossovers — gas M-72

You can not pass by in this car. It can be considered a source of modern crossovers, since Gorky engineers tried to combine high permeability and high level of comfort of the car of the time.

In general, the car can be called a qualitatively made «hybrid», but not only in terms of using alternative energy sources, but taking into account design features. To create this model, a body from «Victory» GAZ M-20 was taken, and all major units are borrowed from the Army jeep GAZ-69.

To create this model, a body from «Victory» GAZ M-20 was taken, and all major units are borrowed from the Army jeep GAZ-69. True, to ensure the high supporting capacity and operation of the vehicle in off-road, the Body «Victory» had to be significantly strengthened, and for integration with suspension and springs, designers needed the development of a new submool frame (clearance of 210 mm). Let us give due: such a prototype of the crossover looked very nice.

The release of the model continued in the period 1955-1958, only 5,000 cars were commissioned.

IMSM-57 — «Kozlol», refined by Romanian engineers

The production of this car in Socialist Romania began in 1957. But local designers have significantly recycled «Gazik», setting under the hood of the SUV of the nipple-valve «four» with a combination of 3,3 with a capacity of 50 hp. and a three-strokewall. In fact, this engine was designed for American Ford sample 1027 years!

For three years, Romanian «brothers in the construction of communism» managed to build less than 2,000 cars (1957-1959). Production was mostly handicraft, and the quality of cars is low!

IMSM-57 — worthy and timely replacement

Romanian experts knew perfectly well all the minutes and shortcomings of the previous model, managed in record time, at that time, to make the necessary adjustments. And already in 1959, the conveyor production of a significantly improved and qualitatively modified SUV began.

The car body was produced in an industrial way, the design included new bridges, and under the hood installed upgraded DVS with a carburetor. The result is an increase in power up to 56 horsepower! A little later was developed and installed on the car a new four-stage gearbox with built-in transmission from «Distribution». A unique solution for those times!

Ours in North Korea, meet — kaengsaeng 68

Our engineers are exactly what. But the Korean experts made their «clone» of the Soviet SUV GAZ-69 specifically for the needs of the People’s Army. About any technical characteristics of this model are difficult, information is mostly scanty or closed. But having considered numerous photos of this truck with a high degree of accuracy to say that it was a rear-wheel drive. And this means a decrease in passability and an exception from a number of SUVs