What will be «big» lada


Today it is already known what will be a promising model range of AvtoVAZ in a few years. Explanations on this issue and some details have already been sounded from the mouth of the top management of the Russian automaker. However, in the January presentation Renaulution only classes and the number of car models were indicated. Now, gradually begin to penetrate the information space, other information. For example, recently, the head of Nicolas Mor’s company spoke about the price component of the model range. Many did not please this: new LADA will cost at least one million, and then fit to the bar 1.2 million rubles.

So far, information about the «biggest» LADA is not present in all this stream — the C-segment car. Our channel decided to spread more information about him, and that’s what we found out.

No longer a great secret that the «big LADA» will have a twin — Dacia Bigster and they will at the same time enter the market in 2025. In that January presentation, Renaulution is celebrated by quoting:

The Tandem of the two brands of Dacia and Lada is set to build a promising car class SUV-C, a length of 4.6 m, which should enter the market in 2025. At the same time, for Romanian, and for Russian brands it will be

Add that this is a strategically verified solution. In the size class with the European market there will be a major Maternal Renault brand with a Megane model, so Romanian car in the segment is ordered.

In turn, to bring Lada’s passenger cars to the class with unprofitable, given the fact that today in the car market of Russia this dimensional class sharply pressed (less than 4% of the Russian car market), and will not give a «large harvest» both in quantitative terms and in money.

And this is, by the way, the second most popular class of cars in the Russian market, and the first in cash revenue. Recall that SUV-C crossover classes last year occupied

On the other hand, in this segment of the Russian car market is presented

The main thing is that this car does not repeat the Renault Arkana errors, which is also a «player» of this class SUV. After all, the image of the head of the Russian automobile brand is posed, since the «big LADA» will be the flagship model line of AvtoVAZ. And the market failure here is unacceptable.

Bigster in Russian

What will be the new Lada car? In general terms, this novelty is easy, since the features and a number of the characteristics of the Double — Dacia Bigster are disclosed. The difference will be only in the design of the exterior of the car, power units, since two cars will be built for several different markets. Dacia will conquer first of all the European,

In the presentation Renaulution indicated the length of the car — 4.6 m, there will be no seminal version, only 5 places. There is also a hint of power plants and off-road properties.

We did not work in vain about the difficult market path Renault Arkana, which did not become the leader of the French brand in this segment. And that’s why. We quote: «

However, quite simple approaches and characteristics that will be with the «big» LADA will be hidden from the renaulution strategy. For example, «indispensable, with a shade of coolness and spirit of active recreation.» This means four-wheel drive and high cargo of the car.

Of course, before the start of sales is still quite enough — four years. And before that, the Lada brand will introduce us to three new cars, including New Niva. In the meantime, you can look at the sketches of the concept of Dacia Bigster, because the new domestic flagship of the Lada line will be built according to its reasons.

We will quote again: «The proportions of the concept of modern, and beyond the time. His lines are simple and encouraged. They send a clear reliability signal. There is no pretense here. «